What would you want done in your name, if you died?

This stems from a lot of internal battles I’ve been having with myself lately. This saturday a memorial show I helped set up, for my friend who died in a car accident, is going to take place. He was a good guy, straight A’s and going to San Diego State. The day he died he could have been saved if he left earlier. You see, he told his friends to head back to campus without him because he had to take care of some things with his family. As it turns out, once he got on the road it started to rain, the rain and his poor tires caused him to hydroplane and be hit in the drivers side door by the car behind him. He died 2 weeks before his 18th birthday. <sigh> Anyways, back to the point…
The memorial show will go to a college scholarship fund in his name so someone at the high school he attended, which happens to be the one I attend, will be able to go to college. It’ll probably turn out to be more than $10,000, which is good for one night of entertainment. Mortality has never been so real to me as it has become in the past few months.

What would you want to be done if you were to die? And could you entrust your friends and family to do something like that just out of the blue?

If I were to die now, and those I left behind wanted to do something in my memory, I’d want them to start a foundation to increase drug and alcohol education for children. That way perhaps some kid(s) might be spared from doing the kind of stupid thing I’ve made a life of. I mean let’s face it, if I were to die at my age, drugs or alcohol will likely be a factor.

After the organ donations, I have already looked into having several trees planted in the aboriteum (sp?) of my high school in my name, as well as at OSU. In a perfect world, it would happen after my kids were out of college and established ion their own so the insurance money could be used for scholarships for women like me: single mothers who return to college later in life.

777 posts Arden, you are in luck.

Did I win the door prize?

All I want is a memorial smiley, like Wally’s.

Mine should be an Appalled Dowager smiley, glaring through a lorgnette and saying, “well, REALLY.”

After I die, I’d like someone to urinate on Bob Saget’s leg for me.

Ukulele Ike would probably be happy to comply. He’s already admitted to peeing on Mr. T’s leg . . .


I can understand the internal battles you must be experiencing right now. Please accept my sympathy.

The only thing I would want done at the time of my death is donation of organs to help someone else. As for the second question, I believe you should do what you want done during your life and not leave others to do what you didn’t do yourself.