Whatever happened to...

Y’ever have one of those “Whatever happened to [that guy]?” questions just pop into your head unbidden? Well, here’s the place to ask. Any answers or further “Whatever happened to…” questions eagerly solicited.

I’ll start:

Whatever happened to:

Paula Abdul and Arsenio Hall?
Phil Donohue?
McLean Stevenson and Gary Burghoff?
Rick Astley?
Philip Michael Thomas (from Miami Vice)?

I realize these are not earthshattering questions; I was just wondering how some of these formerly high-profile people managed to vanish out of the public eye?

McLean Stevenson - at 6 feet under, he is certainly out of the public eye

Maclean Stevenson died 7 or 8 years ago. Gary Burghoff is very involved with an animal rescue society.

Okay, he’s not under, but back

Y’know, I didn’t realize that he’d done half of that stuff, nor that he was related to Adlai.

[Yakov Smirnov]Is this a great message board or what?[/Yakov Smirnov]

Actually, speaking of Yakov…no, I won’t ask.:slight_smile:

No it’s not. And since the board is slow right now, I’m not going to move it to MPSIMS.

Please start a thread there. Or use a search engine.