Whatever happened to....?

So I’m watching Saturday Night Live and I’m wondering to myself, Whatever happened to E. Whitney Brown? Or, for that matter, those ex-cast members who didn’t go on to fame and fortune.

This sets off a whole string of “Whatever happened to?” thoughts. “Mikey” who liked LIFE cereal. “Where’s the beef?” lady. Webster. Debbie Gibson. The cast of The Cosby show. Cliff from “Cheers”.

And many more. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. And sorry if I’m posting something which already exists, I’m fairly new at this.

Thanks all.

What, nobody knows?

Jesus, leander, have some patience.

I’m pretty sure the Where’s The Beef lady died a few years ago.

Debbie Gibson started calling herself Deborah and tried to comeback as a respectable singer-songwriter, but it didn’t really work.

No clue about the others.

“vanessa” from the cosby show tried to have a talk show. it bombed.

Cliff from “Cheers” (John Ratzenberger) has gone on to have a movie career of sorts. Check out his profile on IDMB.com.

Here is a place you can look to see which celebrities are still living, if that is of interest to you.

Debbie Gibson changed her name to Deborah and has mixed her (successful) career on Broadway with her (unsuccessful) career as a respectable recording artist.

BTW, regarding her career on Broadway: she was Eponine for a while in Les Miz and brought the house down with On My Own night after night. I believe she was also Belle in Beauty and the Beast for a while.

Didn’t Mikey die after his stomach exploded eating Pop Rocks with Coke? (fleeing)

That’s A. Whitney Brown. After a stint on The Daily Show (he left along with Kilborn), he kind of dropped off my radar, which is too bad, because I think he’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. His webpage is here.

I heard Baby Jane grew up to become a crack-addled nun.

I would like to add the Clara “Where’s the beef?” Peller also had a small, but memorable, role in the 1985 classic “Moving Violations,” starring John “Bill’s little brother” Murray.

She played the sister of Nedra Volz, who had a great line of her own in that flick when she said “Let’s cut his nuts off!”

life cereal had a commercial a while back with the now-grown-up mikey and siblings doing their old lines.

Many thanks to all for the great insight. Anybody have any others?

Also, am still curious about Webster (from the TV show). Any ideas?


I believe that Emmanuel Lewis (Webster) deflated into a gelatinous pool after Michael Jackson removed his arm from up his butt.

Whatever happened to Rula Lenska and Peter Lemonjello?

I found myself wondering today if any of the Mini-Pops went on to have careers in music. I never owned any of their albums (even as a six-year-old I had good taste in music) so I don’t know their names.

I don’t have a cite for this, but I saw a thing about this [VH1 pops to mind] sometime in the last year. They used the same characters, but different actors. Guess they thought the orinal wasn’t as cute all grown up. :slight_smile:

Jeez, now there’s an image I didn’t want passing across my neurons…

Well, according to the IMDB, Emmanuel Lewis graduated from college in 1997 and has since formed his own music label.

I had completely forgot about her cameo in this, and it’s a great movie.

Anyone remember (from way back) that little red haired boy(I think he was a a midget) who advertised some kidn of sandwich spread?

Leif Garret?

Tony Orlando?