Whatever pops into my brain.

I’m bored. It’s raining. I like the rain. Alot. My friend just told me his fantasy is to have sex in the rain. I told him to go back to work. I feel good today. It’s friday. It’s payday. We had the auditors here today. They tried the grill me. Asking me what everything is, and how it works. I was cool, calm, and knew eveything I needed to know. I’m bored. I have no work to do. I wish I could just go home. I’ve recently begun plucking my nose hairs. I use my fingers to do this. Just grab and pull. I refer to my fingers as the “Man’s tweezers”. I thought I would be able to write for longer, but I am running out of things to say. I still have 30 minutes left of work. What am I going to do? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
nothing left

sit back relax and read some of cecils columns

Hey, Shaggarito! Don’t try that on your ear hairs; you might pull out your brain parts. Or…maybe you already did. Never mind.