What's a bigot.

All by Moonlight Drive;

You lock your doors because of different color houses?

And from your profile;

You’re not talking to some young, impressionable college freshman here M D.
I’ve been down that road, and I’m still on it. You ain’t fooling me for a second.
If you wish to learn about civil rights activism, I suggest you do a little research. And stop putting the word “diverse” in quotation marks, especially when coupled with “neighborhood”. Your usage implies “so called”.

I live in a completely “non-diverse” neighbourhood in an almost totally “non-diverse” city, in an almost totally “non-diverse” country.

I have three big locks on my front door, because I’ve been burgled five times.

Funny how some people imply house color issues, when they’re actually social and economic ones.

I have nothing to add, except for it’s burglarized, not burgled.

Sorry, that was just really irritating me.

Please, carry on.

Burgled is a perfectly acceptable, if a bit archaic and anglophonic, word.

Certainly anglophonic (I’m English after all), but only archaic in a US context: it’s universal in Anglo and Hibernian English. Indeed, to my ears “burglarized” seems excessive; adding an extra syllable where none is needed and so on. Horses for courses, though.

I think it’s Bilbo’s word of choice too.

Since Tolkein wrote The Hobbit 5 miles away from the village where I grew up, I think I’m seeing a link here. I don’t have hairy feet though.

I’m American, and burglarized still sounds off to me. I dunno, for some reason it makes me think of “moidalize” (I’m gonna moidalize you, if’n you don’t watch your step!)

We’re all agreed then: check a dictionary before you offer a correction. That will be all.

Yep, his making a point of “diverse” neighborhoods sounded oogy to me as well.

I’m for whichever takes fewest letters. Burgled, armrobbed (or holdupped), kilt, whatever. :wink:

Speak for yourself; I’m transportalizing myself to the pub where no doubt several pints will be ingesticated. Seriously though, I’ve never understood “burglarized”. The verb is “to burgle”, a person who burgles is a burglar, and if he burgles your house it has been burgled. It’s like saying I’m having a painter around to painterize my house, or that I’m driverizing my kids to school. I do realise it’s an accepted word in certain places, of course, it’s just that its provenance strikes me as truly bizarre, even in this day and age.

Not true; burglar was a word first, and burgle was “back formed” off of that.

Damn Hobbits!
Untrustworthy little buggers.
Sex perverts, too!
That’s why they all live in the neighborhood called Bug End.
Can’t trust one o’ them damn bugger Hobbits!
Mordor ain’t been the same, since they started sneakin’ across the border…

I was going to offer my humble apologies, but since you’re being a dick about it: fuck off.

To everyone else: I apologize for the misguided correction. I did in fact just check a dictonary and lo and behold, burgle is an actual word. I just spent the last year taking criminal law, a good chunk of that time studying burglary. Throughout that time as well as my entire life up until now, I never heard the word “burgle”, it just sounds…playful. Like something the Hamburglar would do. But you learn a new thing every day! Thanks for fighting my ignorance.

but if your house is burglarized, then the burglarizator comes back and commits burlgarizatorism again, will the police get there in time to arrestify the burglarizatorizer? After his arrestification, what are the chances that he will be successfully convictionized? Or will it just descend into an endless cycle of burglarizatorization, arrestificationism, repeat burglarizatorizationization and re-arrestificationization?

You left out an “-ism,” George.

And don’t forget, lezslers’s context is that of a law class. “Law” is Latin for “obfuscatory sesquipedalianism.”

Some of these words are straight from the mouth of Strong Bad. Trogdor!

Fuck you too, lissener. I don’t know what your problem is today, or why you’re so bent on being an ass to me in this thread and the textbook one, in case you didn’t notice I retracted my last post.

Get over it.

In some other thread, we had someone working in an “incarcitorial” facility. Prison, to you or me.