What's a good place to find an artist?

I need to find an artist to discuss a project with. Much spec, little promise, probably end in terrible failure.

Is there anywhere on the web where lonely, disconsolate, desperate artists congregate to be taken advantage of?

Craigslist? DeviantArt forums?

What kind of art?

Not online but in real life. Call your local newspaper. Ask for the arts and entertainment editor, or the features editor. They have probably done scores of stories on artists in the last year or two and have their phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Well, sadly, I have until recently BEEN the local newspaper so that’s out.

It’s for a webcomic a pal wants to start. I offered to help him get it off the ground if it wasn’t too much trouble.

That apparently means asking you people.


Check your PM

Not to hijack your thread but Oh No, what happened? I remember when you started the paper. (Mostly because I was an editor of a weekly community paper at the time and have since started my own and, knock on wood, we’re doing ok). I’m really sorry it didn’t work out for you and hope you’re able to move on to bigger and better things.

As far as artists, a lot depends on what type of art and whether they need to be physically near you or if it can be done via the internet. Answering those questions will help narrow the search.

In that case, browse the forums of ComicGenesis and DrunkDuck - they’re both webcomic hosting sites.

There’s a forum at conceptart.org for job listings.

Thanks for all the tips, everyone. I’ll be sure to check them out.

Nothing went wrong. I sold it. Now I’m running for County Commissioner. It keeps me busy.