What's Cheez Whiz Got Ta Do, Got Ta Do With It?

Lieu, eeeuuww! :smiley:

I would have to read a thread about hot Cheez Whiz on top of French fries (which really came from Belgium) on the Monday after the Friday on which I joined Weight Watchers. So none of that for me.

And mini Spam cans are just too disgusting to think about. Any Spam cans are disgusting.

My sneakers are Nikes and they’re really old and stinky. I can’t figure out how to get the stink out of them, but I can’t afford to buy a new pair right now. So up with the smelly feet!

How can all of this CheezWhiz talk go on without mentioning Velveeta, which I think is just harder CheezWhiz. Here’s a recipie.

Two packs Velveeta and shells
One pack Hot Dogs
Two cans Hormel Chili

Cook shells
Cook Hot Dogs
Heat up Chili

Cut hot dogs into bite size pieces

Mix the whole mess together in an appropriatly sized bowl with the two foil packs of Velveeta cheese colored stuff. I don’t see why a nice jar of CheezWhiz cheese colored stuff wouldn’t work. Yummy stuff.

For a change, use Taylor Ham (another yummy bit of mystery meat here), bacon, or browned ground beef ala Hamburger Helper. Mmmm, I’m getting hungry.

N. Sane, I meant to say “incredible speed” because my body’s gotton used to good cheese and now it thinks Cheez Whiz doesn’t have any culture.

The funny thing about this thread is that my boyfriend* and I had a conversation about Spam just this morning over breakfast (or maybe yesterday, I’m kinda hungover so I don’t remember stuff all that well) We were wondering if other food could be ground to a pulp, pumped full of salt and nitrates and spices and then packed into a can.

Like bacon and eggs for instance. Wouldn’t you just love to open a can of bacon and eggs in the morning, cut yourself a nice big slab, slap it on an english muffin and voila! Breakfast!

What about vegetables? Would broccoli or brussels sprouts be more palatable to finickey eaters if there were served up loaf style brimming with spammy goodness?

Just a thought.

I won’t eat cheez whiz though, that’s just wrong.

[sub]*fiancee really but I hate that word[/sub]

Did you know that they have Spam days in Austin Minnesota? You can go see the Spam museum, watch the Spamettes (a dance line I think), participate in a Spam cookoff, including the dessert catagory.

I haven’t had Spam since the 1960s, when my mom would serve it fried. I don’t have any bad memories of it, but I wouldn’t care to eat any of it now. But if any of you are old folks like me, you’ll remember when Cheez Whiz was actually good. My favorite thing to do with it is put it on toast and sprinkle with pepper. It was also good smeared on celery.

At some point in the '80s, they changed the formula so it would melt better in the microwave oven. This changed both the consistency and the flavor, and after tasting the “new” Cheez Whiz, it seemed a better idea to not taste any more of it. I do miss what it used to taste like, though.

After reading Tess Steckle’s and purrplebear’s posts, I feel the need to assist them in their recipe repetoire. So here goes.


Might be true


might be false


I just spent 2 hours this morning fighting off an attack of Incredifind.
It was only on the SDMB for some reason. I went to two other boards without any problem, and then I came here. But everytime I tried to open a thread, I’d find myself on the Incredifind webpage, and with a bunch of pop-ups besides. Ad-Aware and Spybot didn’t help. I finally switched over to Mozilla Firefox (browser) and I’m posting with it now, although I opened a session of IE a few minutes ago and they seem to be gone now. :confused:

Anyway, on to the OP:

I like Spam if you fry it up. Right out of the can though it’s too greasy.
I’m also a cheese snob however. The only thing I would ever do with Cheez Whiz or Velveeta is mix it equal parts with chili without beans and heat it up. It makes a really good dip.

I have two pairs of New Balance sneakers, but they don’t have names that I’m aware of. I also have a pair of Converse sneaks that say React on them, but I call them Fred and Ginger.

Even if this is MPSIMS, I’ve found the official answer for the world’s biggest spammers. Hawaii loses out to Guam.

From the UK SPAM site

Does anyone remember “Squeeze Cheeze”? (I don’t know if that was its real name, but I’m going with it.) It was Cheez Whiz-like and it came in a plastic “chub”, like sausage. Only it had a cap in the middle of the chub and under that was an X that the chees-etic substance would squirt from when you squeezed the chub. Like Squirt Cheese, only you supplied the squirt-power. This really has nothing to do with anything (So why not throw it in?), I was just wondering.

My cooking club recently had a “lowbrow cuisine” get together. Someone brought the canned version of cheez that you squirt out like whipped cream.

I’m pretty sure it was the first thing to go.

So as much as we like to make fun of it, we can’t not eat it, I guess.

Cheez Whiz fondue anyone?

It’s got hot dogs - it must be good :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Rue! I remember Squeeze-Cheese. Came in all sorts of flavors never found in a gormet-type cheese store. :smiley:

If we discover that the propellant in Cheez-Whiz destroys the ozone layer or something, we may have to go back to the manually-operated cheez dispensing device. And that would be sad. :frowning:

Fried Spam and egg sandwiches…yum!

Dinner tonight is lamb chops marinated in garlic, olive oil, black pepper and fresh rosemary and then grilled. We’ll couple it up with a nice Pinot Noir and a salad, don’t know if there’ll be a starch.

Well la-dee-dah, Shibb! We had ham steak with pineapple, steamed broccoli, and cucumber-onion salad. Yum.

I remember seeing Squeez Cheez, but I never indulged. It was too scary…

Just trying to drag the food conversation out of the, uh, trough, so to speak. Didn’t mean to put on airs. I like your dinner option as well, although I always have trouble pairing wines with ham for some reason. Any suggestions, maybe a Beaujolais or a Côte du Rhone?

You definitely don’t want wine advice from me. I drink it over ice. White, red, blush, whatever, over ice. And tonight I didn’t drink anything, although I usually just have ice water.

That’s part of why I’m a cheap date - just ask swampy! :smiley:

I’ll take the spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs, spam, spam, spam, spam and spam, hold the spam.

My sneakers are named Keds or Nike or Old Navy. The pair named Nike have never actually left my apartment because they’re strictly for the treadmill. Poor little Nikes, maybe when I get home I’ll hold them up to the window so they can see out. The other two pair are quite disreputable looking, and I don’t even have a good reason like Fairy Chat Mom, they’re just grungy and washing doesn’t help.

I’m tempted to go after the Keds with a piece of white chalk I filched from the chalkboard, like we used to in Catholic school. Boy, you didn’t want to have sneakers that were anything but pristine when the nuns came around to inspect your PE uniform.

Now nacho cheese is made from adding sliced jalapenos (no chili powder as far as I’ve ever noticed) to the cheese. That’s what you could do with the extra Cheez Whiz, Rue. And add that to some fries. Hey! Chili cheese fries, that stuff’s good. Otherwise, I got nuthin’. I don’t really do the cheeeez product thing since I became a spoiled rotten cheese snob. My brie has to be triple cream or I bruise, or is that peas and matressess?