What's Dad getting for Father's Day?

My dad’s getting a card with five bucks in it. Not that I’m cheap, but Dad’s in a home and doesn’t need anything, including money, but he likes to be able to put something in the collection plate at the Sunday morning service there.

My dad’s getting the Extended Fellowship of the Rings dvd set.

I gave my husband a choice of Father’s Day gifts. (Seeing that one of our children is only 3 and the other is locked up in Juvenile Hall :rolleyes: , I felt I needed to take over the gifting this year)

Choice Number 1: A romantic sleep-over away from the house.
Choice Number 2: He could go look for a new computer.

Guess what, after 15 years of marriage, he chose?

Yep, we’ll be lookin’ this weekend. (Of course, I only told him that he could go and look for one. I didn’t say anything about actually buying one.


My dad’s getting one of those Atari game controllers with the games built in. It’s got Break Out, his fav game. :slight_smile:

My dad’s getting the Bond (Australian all girl classic music group) Live at Albert Hall DVD, those girls are hot :smiley:

“Big Russ and Me” by Tim Russert with a note that says that Russert and I feel the same way about our dads. Also, a bookmark with “DAD” embossed into it—the reverse says something to the effect of “be as good to yourself as you are to everyone else.”

I love that man.

Normally I just send him a card, but this year I’m going to send him a recording of myself playing “Your Song” on my keyboard. I’m still in the process of learning it but hopefully it will ready to send out by Thursday. I hope he likes it.

Dad is getting two DVDs: The Boon Dock Saints and Zoolander. (yes, he likes both movies)

Nothing, as usual.

We just found out that my dad is terminally ill, and all of us (me, my four sisters and my brother) went to visit last week. My husband took a great picture of me and the sibs lined up real nice and pretty, all giving each other bunny ears. I’m going to make a copy and frame it for him.

Dad’s getting a Subaru golf shirt. He loves his Subaru Forester and he specifically asked for more Subaru wear, so I say give the man what he wants.

My sister and I are taking him, my mom and their best friends to some sort of organic restaurant-come-farm in Mason, New Hampshire or some place. For serving organic, seasonal and somewhat fancy sounding food it’s only 14.99 a person.

I got my dad this cool lighter, with a totally rad monogram.

Dead monkey porn


House spiders

Submarine sammich!


Mice in a glue trap

127 blade Gillette razor

Why do you ask?

A new TV and a TV stand.

Yeah, I learned that many years ago. For various presents over the years, I’ve given him a Dremel multi-tool with a lot of the accessories (my mother says that he wandered all over the house for days with that in his hand, looking for Stuff To Fix), a Leatherman multi-tool (he loves that thing, and carries it with him) (are we seeing a pattern here?) and jigsaw puzzles, which he loves.

This year, I’m sending him a big tin of roasted salted cashews from Figi’s. They’re expensive as hell, but they are VERY good quality. I usually send him at least some cashews on any gift-giving occasion, as he dearly loves them and he’s diabetic. My mom always says that I send too much, so that he eats too much, but the guy’s in his 70s, I say he’s old enough to make his own food choices. I downloaded the trial version of Pretty Good Solitaire onto their computer one time, and my mom said that he loved that until they upgraded their computer, so this time I’m sending a full copy of the software on CD. Both my parents are rather wary about downloading stuff off of the internet, and frankly it’s a pretty good thing. I always do a lot of basic maintenance when I go up there (defragging, cleaning the mouse ball, etc.).

One thing I have to consider is that my parents have more than enough “stuff” around the house. They’re also pretty well-off. I don’t get them appliances any longer. A CD-ROM won’t take much space at all, and of course the cashews will be consumed. The cashews come in a nice reusable tin, without any logo on it. My dad, who was born on the tail end of the Depression, will find great joy in putting other stuff in that tin. I have to admit that I like tins too.

I’m under orders not to get him anything for Father’s Day, because his birthday is June 7. He’s never insisted on two presents because of the proximity but I usually get him a little something anyway, but since this year I’m broke I figure what better gift than what he wants, which is nothing?

Please, more suggestions! I’m really stumped.
For someone who doesn’t want anything. its hard to buy them a gift.

My love and remembrance.
Best wishes to you father, katie1341. I hope he is comfortable and not in pain.

I’m getting him a book. He hasn’t told me the one he wants yet though.