What's for breakfast today?

The What’s for dinner tonight? thread has been pretty popular, and has run longer than other threads on the same subject have. So I thought I’d start a ‘What’s for breakfast today?’ thread.

Roomie worked last night, and today is a telecommuting day; so I thought I’d have breakfast waiting for her. The bacon was just finished as she walked in the door, and the plates were warming in the oven. In two minutes she had a French omelette, brushed with butter and sprinkled with dill, ready for her ‘dinner’. Two minutes later I had my breakfast ready.

Egg salad sandwich from the company cafteria

Kashi GoLean with Greek yogurt.

A homemade scone and loads of coffee.

‘Loads of coffee’ is a given around here!

Roomie headed off to bed about 30 seconds ago. She thanked me again for the omelette and bacon. :slight_smile:

Omelet with parmesan cheese, sourdough toast, lots of tea with honey.

Cubed up taters, onions, green peppers, hot peppers, garlic, salt, pepper. Three eggs over easy so I can mix the runny parts into the potatoes. Some salsa on the side to mix as needed. A couple slabs of Texas toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam. Orange juice (and the pulp, thank you) and coffee.

Eggs, toast and some fig preserve.

Wheat berries with cinnamon sugar, currants and greek yogurt.

Cinnamon Life cereal and apple cinnamon yogurt.

I have had cereal and yogurt for breakfast almost every day for decades.

Egg and cheese on a roll with a side of slices of cantaloupe from the hospital cafeteria. I was on my way to a medical appointment this morning.

Everything bagel with cream cheese, handful of almonds, loads of coffee. Pretty much the same thing every weekday - on occasion I’ll have a pb&j instead of the bagel.

Saturday/Sunday is something fresh made with a degree of difficulty largely contingent on how much beer I drank the night before.

I was bad today - I made my special breakfast sandwich:

Two eggs, over easy. Set them aside.

Make two halves of a grilled cheese sandwich. I used rye bread with pepper jack cheese.

When cheese is starting to melt, place one cooked egg on each half. Sprinkle hot sauce on top.Carefully pick up one half and place it on the other.

Presto! Grilled cheese and fried egg sandwich. MMM.

Oatmeal and orange juice.

Steel cut oats, of course, with a little brown sugar and milk.

I had it about an hour ago. It was the usual: cereal (sultana bran), two slices of toast and vegemite, some orange juice and a banana.

Very strong coffee with 1/2 & 1/2. Two cups. Same thing for lunch.

This morning, I was in the mood for eggs; I scrambled two, with salt, pepper, country herbs and cream cheese. Just as they were almost done cooking, I added a small handful of shredded cheddar cheese. I ate these along with a buttered whole-wheat English muffin.

Basted eggs, sage pork sausage, toast, fruit bowl (strawberries, blueberries, banana) and coffee.

Slice of bacon, diced and half cooked. Add a diced medium potato, black and red pepper and cook until browned over medium heat. Fold in 1 beaten egg, dust with parmesan or grated cheddar, cover and reduce heat to simmer until egg is cooked.

For extra fancy, flip onto plate and slide back into pan until browned on top as well.

I slapped 2 pieces of wheat bread into the toaster oven on medium, then cracked an egg into my frying pan on medium and covered it.

Then, after a minute, I plopped a piece of pepper jack cheese on the egg and recovered for 30 seconds.

Next I mixed the egg/cheese so that the cheese melted but the egg was still a bit runny and set that on the toast with a squirt of ketchup, a shake of salt and a shake of pepper.

It was* good*, real good.