What's in Your CD Player?

Jukeboxes excluded!

Right now, in mine:

The Breakthrough Mary J. Blige -playing-

Back To Black Amy Winehouse (just bought this Wednesday)

The Ultimate Collection Gladys Knight + The Pips

Toni Braxton Toni Braxton

Sign 'O The Times Prince
I’m obviously into R & B. Also alternative and classic and new rock, but the current contents of my CD player isn’t reflecting that.

Oops, I don’t know how this got in the pit. Somebody report it, please.

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Katy Lied - Steely Dan
Hearts of Oak - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

I don’t have one, but I’ll tell you what’s in my cassette player…Olivia Newton-John’s Greatest Hits. Yeah, I’m keepin’ it real!

Keepin’ it real here too!

George Strait, Rodney Crowell, Billy Joe Royal, Johnny Cash, and very early Elvis.

These have been in the player for a couple of months. I’m too lazy to put them away. Plus, they’re pretty good.

In a five-disc changer:

Hot Rats
The Grand Wazoo
Roxy & Elsewhere
One Size Fits All

I’ve been re-discovering Frank Zappa lately.

And Zoot Allures on the turntable.

(Oh, good. I was feeling left out of the “What’s on your iPod?” thread.)

They Might Be Giants: The Else
The Swirling Eddies: The Midget, the Speck & the Molecule
Fountains of Wayne: Out-of-State Plates (both discs)
and an empty slot.

Guns 'N Roses- Lies

I used to love her, but she was one in a million…

A random (I don’t remember the title) OBOD CD in the laptop at home

DK’s Fresh Fruits for Rotting Vegetables in the car.

In my car CD player this morning was listening to my Marc Broussard and Friends compliation that my son-in-law made for me.

In my car I’ve been rotating between:

The Hours That Remain - Mercenary
Eclipse - Amorphis
Accelerated Evolution - Devin Townsend

I can’t wait for the new Devin Townsend and Amorphis albums that come out soon.

At home: Don’t have a CD player. Just the DVD player, which also plays CDs and SACDs. It has got WKRP (Disk 1) in it.

Car: CD with every last Steely Dan/Donald Fagen album burned on it. In MP3 format, of course – I have long since ripped all my CD’s to my computer. Haven’t played it in a while, though, since I got my 30GB Zune, which I plug into the car player’s AUX port. Damn I love that random feature.

Schubert’s Ninth Symphony, from the library, in my just begun belated attempt to expose my tone deaf ears to some kultchur.

I just finished Toscannini and the NBC Symphony version of Beethoven’s Ninth, recorded in 1952. (My car CD player only takes one.)

Home I got nuthin’

In the car is Platinum JazzWAR

I feel old.

Nice to see another that appreciates the finer things in life. Salut!

TaDah-Scissor Sisters
Rent Soundtrack
If I Should Fall From Grace With God-The Pogues

In the car is Susan Werner’s “The Gospel Truth”. The house player is empty.

Little Richard - The Specialty Sessions (UK 6CD edition) - Disc 2
Gowan - Strange Animal
Steely Dan - Aja
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Alias Pink Puzz (expanded remaster)
Burton Cummings - Up Close And Alone

Pieces In A Modern Style, by the brilliant William Orbit. I like to warble along to his version of John Cage’s “In A Landscape”.

Oh and PS, fishbicycle, I heart Gowan - “Moonlight Desires” is my definitive “Guilty pleasure” song. OK, that and pre-JLP Alanis’ “No Apologies”. I still know all the words. Which I learned when I was eleven.