What's it like having a parent in jail?

Have any of you ever had (or been) an imprisoned parent?
Do you resent them? Worry about them? Miss them? Feel ashamed of them? What is it like, visiting your parent or having your child visit you? Is it mostly a happy occasion? Do you get a long visit? Or is it generally just a few minutes to chat?
Do you know of any style reading I can do to learn more about it? I am asking purely out of curiousity, so would prefer reading that’s not too technical or legal.



I didn’t even really try a search, duh.
I’ll look into them.

I’d still be interested in personal experiences, if anyone has one.

I don’t know personally, but among my juvenile defendants, a very high proportion of them have one or both parents incarcerated. In fact, I can’t think offhand of one who doesn’t have an incarcerated parent. That’s not to say that every child of an inmate will become a juvenile offender, but it’s a high risk factor.