What's making it tough for me to get a hotel in Minneapolis Aug 16?

I need to be in Minneapolis the week of August 16, but most of the hotels are booked Monday and Tuesday nights.

Anyone know what’s going on? Major sports game? Big convention?

Yankees are in town the 17th and 18th. Maybe 19th too i believe. Uptown art fair is the weekend before, so I can’t really see why hotels are so booked.

Metallica is playing and signing books on the 16th. Way to rock boys!
It’s also the weekend after the first Ren Fest which is the largest in the nation.

I can’t imagine that either of those would book up Minneapolis tho, esp since there’s nothing happening at the Convention Center.

Ironic. I have to miss our first weekend of site build to take a business trip to Minneapolis. :frowning: