What's New? What's Not?

Obviously we have a different color scheme. What else has changed? Which new features are active, and which are not going to be available to us? (Like, for example, some folks got to sneak in early and change their title from “member” to something more outre. Sadly, I tried, messed up the first time, and now can’t get back in to change it back. :frowning: )


I like the new part in one’s profile, where it tells you not only your total posts, but your post-per-day rate. Just the thing to exacerbate feelings of “post inadequacy”.

Well, the posts THEMSELVES are there! I did a search for some old posts, and the stuff from back in 1999 is still here :slight_smile:
BTW, it seems SIGNIFICANTLY faster :slight_smile:

I just noticed the reply number in the threads list page is linked - click on it and a little window pops up listing those that responded to that thread, and how many times.

Cool. (Did we have that before and I never saw it?)

Of course, posts per day will be understated since we’ve all lost any posts made since December 7th but 4 months have still racked up in that time.

So just remember - your post per day count should be even higher!

Looks like the biography section in our profiles is significantly smaller now, since it seems mine has been truncated almost in half. Ah well, it needed updating anyways…

And is it just me, or do these smilies all look like albinos? (except for the Hasidic and Wally ones)

There has also been a small, but welcome (for me) change in how searches are done under a user’s post.

Use-ta be that if you went to one of my posts and clicked on the “search” button under it, it would attempt to find all posts based on the user name “Why+A+Duck”, and given it’s penchant for ignoring anything under three letters, the search would return all posts by anyone with Duck in their name. Not that I have anything against DDG, but we tend to posts to different type threads.

Now if you click that same button, the search is based on my user ID number instead of the name, so all you get is stuff by me.


Just discovered another goodie.

Using the above-mentioned vanity search, I was finally able to go back and find my very first post back on 3/29/00.

Included in the search results in a little excerpt of the post to help you figure out if it’s the one you’re after.


The board now checks for duplicate posts and throws the duplicates away. Try making two posts with the exact same text and see what happens.

We will probably post a “FAQ” type thread that will answer this question, as time permits.

I have not been here for a while, and the place changes completely.:slight_smile:

I came across a duplicate, so maybe that duplicate checking isn’t foolproof. But it’s still useful and a good feature.

I miss the coloured smilies. All pale yellow isn’t as interesting. Although I’m glad the regular happy one isn’t constantly changing colours - what a headache that was! There is too much new stuff here - I’m afraid to touch anything incase I break it! Does colour work? Does it? How about size? or Font?

I can figure out the smilies myself, and italics and whatnot…hmmm…calendar…and user cp…
mnemosyne wanders off to explore some more
(yeah, I know I’m a day late. I had a midterm. So sue me :slight_smile: )