What's on DirecTV channel 51?

Thread title is basically the question. (I’ve got Dish Network, so can’t check, heh.) I’m copyediting a novel in which a character is channel surfing on DirecTV and stops at channel 51 because there’s something interesting there. I looked at DirecTV’s online channel lineup, and they all seem to be three-digit numbers (even PPV) except for the HD channels, which I don’t think these characters would subscribe to. Is there a non-HD channel 51, and if so, what is it? I’d like to be able to query the author if it’s an unlikely choice, because the audience for this book is likely to know.

I’ve gotta return this on Monday, so quick answers appreciated. Thanks much!

51 would probably be a local channel.

Channel 51? Secret alien TV shows.

I’ve said too much already.



So it’s conceivable that something interesting (in the context of the novel; the soul thing wouldn’t be quite right, but a local channel would do) could be on DirecTV channel 51. Cool. Thanks much, guys!

The Hi-Def channels start at 70, so 51 would be a local channel. In Los Angeles, there is no channel 51.

Ditto for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. No channel 51 on DirecTV at all.

Depends on where the guy lives. What if he’s in a city that doesn’t have channel 51 assigned to a broadcaster?

Hm, OK. The story is set in Miami. Anybody got data for Miami?

(It’s a young-adult novel, so I’m sure readers aren’t likely to know specifically whether Ch. 51 isn’t possible (unless they live in Miami . . .); mostly I just wanted to check on the 2-digit thing. But let’s see where this goes!)

seattle,right now, festival del humor.

There is a channel 51 on DirecTV in Miami; it is the Telemundo affiliate, so like in Seattle it is Spanish language.

(Per Yahoo TV listings.)

Scarlett, the local DirecTV channels are assigned based on their local call signals. So, it you have “Channel 5 NEWS at FIVE” then that station would be on DirecTV channel 5.

So if you had a old local UHF channel 51, then DirecTV would broadcast it on channel…or I should say, transponder 51. It is totally for the local viewer’s convenience.

OTOH, why do you have to specify DirectTV? Just say satellite TV or some such thing?

OK, on that new info I’ll query, as the characters aren’t likely to be enjoying a Spanish-language program.

Thanks, everybody!

In the Austin DMA, ch 51 is the Austin Telefutura (Spanish) affiliate.