What's on Pat Robertson's bumper?

So just this minute I saw Pat on the 700 club claiming the “Defense of Marriage Act” was in jeopardy (oh, let us hope) and hawking his new bumper sticker:

Marriage = {little restroom door icon designating a man] +{little restroom door icon designating a woman}
I’m figuring if he’s pushing them, given his unfourtunate authority with some people, we may have to face looking at one of these in traffic soon…so now would be the time to come up with the parody version.

All I could think looking at it (if you know the bathroon icons I mean) was “Oh, ok, it’s marriage as long as someone is wearing a dress :)”. But I don’t know how to put that on a bumpersticker.

Certainly someone here can do better…

Yeah, I mean it’ll only be point nine seconds before someone gets the Marriage=Male figure + male figure or female + female.

Silly Pat!

Dammit! Those bumper stickers were the best idea that we’ve had lately to try to convert you from your heathen ways. Apparently we need to brainstorn a little more. (thinking… thinking…)

By the way whenever I see a bumper sticker like that, I’m reminded of Futurama where Bender affixes a Robotology version of the Jesus-fish on the back of the Planet Express ship. His comment:

“There! That oughtta convert a few tailgaters!”

A brand new Pride Rainbow, every single day.

[sub]“Fucking goddamit, who keeps putting these fucking things on here?”[/sub]

The Invisible Pink Unicorn, making Invisible Pink Shits.

“I’m the closest thing to God you’ll get in this lifetime” :smiley:

It means he’s for marriage between gay men as long as one of them wears a kilt.

So what happens with, say, Dr. Frank N Furter and Rocky? Frank is clearly dressed like a woman (and quite a fabulous one), but I don’t recall him wearing a kilt at all. Will Pat Robertson deny the love of a sweet transvestite and his creation?

Not if he gets to watch.

The thing that caught me as funny was the fact that the bumper stickers have two advertisements underneath the ridiculous message. One was for the 700 club and the other for NBC (I believe). So, I guess the message is only as important as the money it brings its sponsor. :eek:

No mention of Adam and Steve?

But remember Robertson said once that rather than teaching sex ed in schools, kids should learn about sex the way his kids did, by watching the farm animals do it. Would that mean you could marry any biped animal as long as one of you wore a dress?

There are so many way to spoof this:

POTUS = $ + (GOP elephant or Democrat donkey depending on your politics)

(Pot leaf) + (Deadhead dancing bear) = :slight_smile:

(GOP elephant) + (oil well) = Iraq War I & II

(the circle and arrow male symbol) + (another one) = :slight_smile:

The same could work for the female (circle and staff) symbol or the gay pride pink triangle.

The smiley could be replaced by an image of Robertson with arms folded and Xs over his eyes, overlapping hearts, the male and female symbols (saying that they are as legitimate as male + female marriage), etc.

if (( (Man && Man) || (Man && Woman) || (Woman && Woman) ) && Love)
return Marriage;

Any way to represent a recursive && (Man | Woman) for the polyamorous couples?

No, no, no, no and no.

All responses are WAY to complicated .

Remember from your high school math classes that the term for “not equal to” is merely an equal sign with a slash though it.

So to change Pat’s version of said bumper sticker to one that effectively reads “Marriage is not equal to a man plus a woman”, all you need to do is break out your handy-dandy Sharpie™ Permanent Marker, and carefully draw a slash theough the offending equal sign, thereby correcting it. With any luck, the owners of said bumper sticker won’t notice the change (excuse me, CORRECTION) for months down the road!

Damn, thought maybe he had a set of bumper nuts.

cybersnark, Brilliant., just Brilliant.

Cybersnark, thats a Very Good answer. But it would be much more fun to pay a local kid to put a sticker on his bumper that says:

“Honk If You Love Anal Sex!”

Well, there’s my outfit planned. Och aye!

I got one

Marriage = [man] + [woman] + [woman] + [woman]


Brought to you by the 700 club