What's on the Menu at Your Workplace Cafeteria?

Our cafeteria has had two winners in two days - yesterday, one of the main dishes was “Taco Salad with Cajun-Fried Chicken Tots” (wins due to sheer inventiveness and an audacious attempt at fusion cuisine), then today they served “Vegetarian Beef with Barley Soup” (no animals harmed in the making of this soup?)

So what’s on tap at your cafeteria?

I’m a vagabond cosultant so I’m wherever my company sends me and the lunch facilities vary a lot client to client. I’m at a large financian institution’s headquarters in Florida now and they have an excellent cafeteria. I had meatloaf, rice, broccoli and cauliflower today. Nationwide in Columbus had an excellent cafeteria too and DHL in Langen Germany shared a nice cafeteria with a Dell distribution center.

That remind’s me of the time the Harvard Freshman Union was serving “Meatless Chili con Carne.”

We don’t have a cafeteria, but there’s a trailer that stocks drinks, snacks, packaged sandwiches and so forth. It’s called the Tidbit Palace. Really.

The main entries for the week:

Coriander Curried Chicken Served on Coconut Sticky Rice
Wok Charred Tofu, Vegetables with a Ginger, Chili Hoisin Sauce on White Rice (Vegan)
Black Bean and Garlic Beef with Assorted Vegetables Served on Jasmine Rice
Thai Basil Lime Vegetable Stir Fry Served with Tempeh (Vegan)
Mongolian B.B.Q. Pork, Broccoli, Yellow Onions and Spicy Cilantro Fried Rice Thai Red Curry Vegetable and Pineapple Stir Fry (V)
Sweet Chili Chicken, Bok Choy, Peppers and Onions Served on Lo-Mein Noodles Vietnamese Peanut and Vegetable “Salad” Stir Fry (V)
Stir Fried Shrimp, Fish, And Vegetables with Asian Pesto and Sticky Rice Noodles
Honey Lemon Ginger Soy Tofu and Vegetable Stir Fry (V)

Specialite du Jour:
Crispy Skin-On Chicken Breast, Heirloom Tomato Fennel Broth with Sweet Corn and
Tarragon Risotto
Blackened Hawaiian Blue Marlin, Ginger Sherry Rice, Spicy Soy Mustard Beurre Blanc
and Ponzo Vegetables
Braised Leg of Lamb, Faribault Amblue Cheese Spoon Bread, Rosemary Aus Jus and
Roasted Root Vegetables
B.B.Q. Pulled Pork over Crispy Yucca Cake, Smoked Black Bean Sauce, Mango Ginger
Coulis and Braised Asian Hot Mustard Greens
Philly Cheese Steak, Thinly Sliced Beef, Onions, Peppers and Mushrooms on a Hoagie
Bun Served with Waffle Fries

Little Italy:
Meat Lover’s with Pepperoni, Sausage and Ham
White Alfredo Pizza with Chicken
Kalamata Olives, Tomatoes and Basil (V)
Little Italy Pasta Bar Features Assorted Pasta, Sauces and Toppings Daily.
Featuring a Zesty Meatball Sandwich

Carving Board:
Peppercorn Crusted Pork Loin, Brandy Mustard Cream Sauce, Roasted Garlic Whipped
Purple Potatoes and Fresh Vegetable Du Jour
Kalamata Olives, Tomatoes and Basil (V)
Carved Jumbo Pulled Chile Chicken and Pinto Bean Tamales, Red Beans and Rice

Smoked Turkey, Daikon, Carrot, Napa Cabbage, Cucumbers and Red Peppers on
Mixed Greens with Sesame Ginger Soy
Poached Shrimp, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives and Feta Cheese on
Romaine with Dill Vinaigrette
Grilled Chicken, Fresh Strawberries, Toasted Almonds and Brie Cheese on Boston Bibb
Wedge with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Baby Arugula, Toasted Pine Nuts, Heirloom Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Red
Oak Leaves with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette (V)
House Smoked Salmon on Romaine with Cucumber Sour Cream and Dill Salad

Damn and double damn…Where do you work? Anyone need a gopher to do meaningless shitwork, just so I can get into that cafeteria?

We have 2 eating locations:

Entree: Fried Chicken
Vegetarian Option: Vegetable Fritters with a Thyme Aioli
Sides: Mashed Potatoes / Corn on the Cob
Salads: Caesar / Organic Field Greens
Dessert: Boston Cream Pie

Hot Special: Vegetable and Cheese Frittata
Deli Special: French Dip
Soup: Corn Chowder
Special Salad: Spinach, Pecan, Mandarin Orange, and Strawberry with Orange Balsamic Dressing
Grab & Go: Chicken with Provolone and Marinara on a Baguette
I never check the menus because I bring my lunch every day.

No cafeteria in my building. But we can always go across the street to the mall’s food court. :eek:

Sign me up, too! We have potato chips, Cheetos, Snickers and other assorted junk food in the vending machine. And occasional leftovers from conferences (the feeding frenzies when it’s leftover time are very entertaining).

We always laugh at our cafeteria’s menu, because they use fancy-schmancy words to describe everything. For instance, one week they were offering a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings, and it was described as an “Angus burger with thick-sliced peppercorn bacon and crispy onion sections” or something like that. What makes it worse is the evening cook is quite literally the reincarnation of Seinfeld’s soup nazi. Keep your head down, order right off the menu with no special instructions, and you’ll be fine. Add or change anything, or ask for more information, or anything like that, and you’ll be subjected to sneering sarcasm at best, or thrown food at the worst.

Good times, good times.

Baked Potato Bar: Baked Idaho Potato, Butter, Sour Cream, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Chives, Green Onions, Pepper Grinder, Mushrooms, Broccoli/Cauliflower, Cheese Sauce
Baked Potato, Sour Cream, Butter

Sole Florentine (6 Grams of Fat), Spinach Rice served with a Confetti Salad: Cucumbers, Peas, Radishes, Asparagus, Celery, Watercress and Onion in a French Dressing W

“California Wrap” Turkey, Avocados, Sprouts, Cucumbers, Radishes, Carrots, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Herb Cream Cheese and Toasted Sesame Seeds

Lasagna Roll (7 Grams of Fat) in Marinara Sauce served with Fresh Peach and Spring Greens Salad Tossed in a Peach Marmalade Vinaigrette

Italian Pasta Toss: Italian Sausage, Vegetables with Choice of Sauce: Alfredo, Marinara or Pesto Tossed with LinguineTopped with Parmesan Cheese and served with Fresh Baked Parmesan Herb Breadstick

“Senor Governor Nelson Beach” Omelet (Ground Beef, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Onions, Pinto Beans, Jalapenos, Cheddar, Cilantro, Taco Seasoning ) served with an 8 oz. Juice

“Moroccan” Vegetable Stew: Butternut Squash, Eggplant, Green Bell Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Garbanzo Beans, Dried Currants, Parsley, Garlic, Carrots (7 Grams of Fat), Couscous served with a Summer Time Salsa (Verde Tomatillo, Green Onions, Cilantro, Jalapeno and Green Chilies)

“Greek Wrap” (Gyro Meat, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Onions, Green Leaf Lettuce, Spinach, Kalamata Olives, Garlic, Sprouts, Feta Cheese, Cucumbers, Fresh Basil, Oregano) in a Greek Vinaigrette

These all change daily/weekly, this is just a sample

That is the same as my work but we also have the wheel of death.

No cafe in our building, but there’s a small deli in the building behind us. They have sandwiches and wraps, hot dogs, soup, a salad bar, and one hot entree every day (typically comfort food like mac & cheese, meatloaf, spaghetti, pizza, baked chicken, etc.). They also have Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, baked on site every day, and they bake their own bread every day. There’s an ice cream case, and a limited selection of chips, candy, and drinks (I never need the latter, because my company provides free soda).

The food is decent, and I have a fondness for their turkey club wrap with lite ranch dressing, but sometimes I’d kill for a burger and fries. :frowning:

Corporate offices of a nationwide chain of consumer electronics stores. Rhymes with, umm, “chest guy.”

I just copied this off the internet, so it’s not real organized, but this is what they’re serving this week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Kettle Classics Chicken Rice Cream of Mushroom Hearty Vegetarian Vegetable Mushroom Barley New England Clam Chowder
Bistro Soup
Soup Soup Soup
Ancho Corn Chowder Minnesota Wild Rice Chicken & Dumpling Cheddar Cauliflower Italian Wedding
Sandwich Sandwich Sandwich Sandwich Sandwich
Turkey Parisian
Mississippi Pork
Mediterranean Chicken Cancun Chicken Smoked Turkey Garlic Spinach
Salad Salad Salad Salad Salad
Classic Chicken Caesar
Spring Berry
Classic Chicken Caesar Salad
Classic Chicken Caesar Salad Classic Chicken Caesar Salad
California Avocado Club Spicy Buffalo Chicken Baja Chicken Tostada Mandarin Orange Chinese Chicken Buffalo Chicken
Asian Market Sweet and Sour Chicken Beef and Asparagus Pork Won Ton Soup General Tao’s Chicken Mongolian Beef
American Bounty Roast Inside Round of Beef Herb and Garlic Crusted Pork Loin Southern Fired Chicken Cumin Crusted Grilled Flank Steak BBQ Brisket of Beef
Traditional Rotisserie Chicken Lemon Pepper Chicken Home-style Meatloaf Vesuvio Roast Chicken Stuffed Chicken with Broccoli and Cheddar

Off the Coals

Smokehouse Pulled Pork Stacker Smokehouse Pulled Pork Stacker Smokehouse Pulled Pork Stacker Smokehouse Pulled Pork Stacker Smokehouse Pulled Pork Stacker
Charred Italian Sausage Charred Italian Sausage Charred Italian Sausage Charred Italian Sausage Charred Italian Sausage
Grilled Cajun Chicken Grilled Cajun Chicken Grilled Cajun Chicken Grilled Cajun Chicken Grilled Cajun Chicken
Boneless Stuffed Pork Chop Boneless Stuffed Pork Chop Boneless Stuffed Pork Chop Boneless Stuffed Pork Chop Boneless Stuffed Pork Chop
Corner Grill Chipotle Beef Hoagie Spicy Szechwan Chicken Wrap Turkey Reuben Monte Cristo Tex Mex Tacos
Tuna Avocado Melt Caesar’s Gyro Platter Buffalo Beef Wrap Caesar’s Gyro Platter
Bène Pizzeria
Panini of the week
Big Mountain Beef Wrap
Radiatori Pomodoro Blackened Chicken Pasta Farfalle Carbonara Cheese Calzone Vodka Penne
Garlic Mushroom and Asparagus Pizza Sausage
Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Deluxe Pizza Turkey Pita Flyer
Ham and Cheese Stromboli Italian Deli Calzone Meatball Calzone southern Style Crispy Chicken Rolletto Chicken Parmesan Rolletto
Green Pickle Deli Napa Valley Chicken Wrap All American Sub Roast Beef Pepper Jack Classic Italian Sub BLT Turkey Club

What’s a Chicken Tot?

Wouldn’t that just be an egg?

We have a cafeteria, but it’s closed for the summer.

During the fall & spring semesters they have your standard deli sandwich line, with a daily special sandwich, plus a couple of uninspired choices on the hot line.

It’s really boring, actually.

The previous cook used to make fantastic crab cakes, but the new one we got last year didn’t make them anymore. :frowning:

This is just for today, as the menu is posted as an image.

Breakfast: Breakfast Tortillas with Bacon, Egg and Cheese
Soup: Chicken Corn Chowder
Cultural Cuisine: Made-to-order Sushi Bar with Chef Michael Ni
Grill: Italian Roast Pork Sandwich
Wild Greens: Cajun Shrimp Salad
Wrapables: Mixed Cheese Hoagie
Panini: Italian Stacker with Cappicolla, Ham, Proscuitto & Roasted Red Peppers

Plus the always-available salad bar, burgers or chicken sandwiches, and pizza.

I get tired of the faux fusion cuisine posing at our company’s cafeteria. If it was good, that would be one thing. But it’s just stuff in chafing dishes. If you don’t get there early everything dries out and is, literally, un-chewable. Today I had a warmed-over, pre-cooked chicken breast on a bun with something off-white squirted on it accompanied by canned fruit whose juice made the bun soggy. And it only cost me $5!

They should stick with the basics. Roast turkey & sweet potatoes, salisbury steak, etc. I swear, one of these days I’m going to get responsible and start bringing my own lunch. :mad:

Wow. You guys get real food.

Here, it’s all imported stuff - wrapped sandwiches, boxed salads and a smattering of roughly-handled fruit are available until 1:30. Junk food is always available from the vending machines as long as they’re not broken.

your workplace cafeteria has a sushi chef on site. Not my workplace – I’m just in a small, 2 person office – but at my husband’s. Lucky dog.