What's on your mind right now?

Before reading this thread title, what was your last thought?

I want to go home.

Before I made the thread I was thinking about how much I want the new Zelda game to come out for the Wii.

My last thought was “I thought I had more posts than that”

I just bought a record at the local SPCA thrift store called “Doctorin’ the Tardis” by The Timelords. Since it won’t play, I found it on Youtube & listened to it. I realised that I had actually heard the song before.

So I was still thinking about how odd the song is and how I am glad I found it. Can’t play it but I will hang the album on the wall.

Maybe I’ll get more answers if I make the rules a little less demanding… *What’s on your mind, **‘in general’ *right now? Doesn’t have to be what was on your mind BEFORE reading the thread title.
Nice start though…

I’m wondering where is everyone. I’m bored and need some new posts to read.

Also, I smoked some old pot once and it did not get me high. (the thread I read before this one) :slight_smile:

Damn, if Army can get a turnover they have a chance to get back in this game.

SFC Schwartz

lol, link? (I’m bored too)

Do I really want to read more about that girl being abused? Can I handle it?

I was wondering about Charles Bronson; how James Garner disliked him, but he got along great with James Coburn.

I’m holding a kitten and wondering if the tiny scabs around his ears mean bugs or hard playing with his litter mates.

I was thinking that I had better go do my grocery shopping because it’s going to be dark soon (I walk about 6 blocks each way to the store). I keep saying that I’ll just look at one more thing…

My fingers are really cold.

Oh no, now I have to publicly admit that I have not bothered to learn how to link.

It’s over in General Questions. :slight_smile:

Wondering what the previous thread title on *New Posts *means: mouseover: Oh some American sport I know nothing of and care less …

My incredibly mixed feelings towards winter.

I’ve been perusing the profiles of women on a dating site, and two thoughts have come to mind:

[li]I’m a tall, fit, bald man, and a large proportion of these women aren’t interested in bald men. That’s fine, but it annoys me that, unlike obesity and shortness, baldness affects men much more often than women. I would love to date a bald woman, but there are none to be found.[/li]
[li]If I was interested in obese women, my troubles would be over. What would happen if I offered to pay for a woman’s bariatric surgery, which would not only make her thin but also improve her health? Would she be grateful? No, she’d probably be offended. Ah well.[/li][/ol]

I’m watching last week’s Psych on inDemand, and noticed a Pineapple in the revamped opening credits. I’m not sure if it counts, though, because it was a drawing.

Marty McFly’s mom hitting on him was creeping me out.