What's Sanguine feelin' right now?

I’m sure only my bestest buds here even care but… why the 'ell not, eh? :o

This certainly isn’t a discussion or poll. Actually it’s a little fluffy even for MPSIMS but I’ll move it over there anyway, giddy optimist that I am.


Oh, sorry about the fluff :smack: and thanks for moving it.

So why are you pissed at the bank? Whatsa matta? Talk to Lady Kate. Don’t worry about being “overly verbose.” Come on, lay it on me, sister.

Oh, yeah, I hate glitter, too. It sticks to everything.

The beer from the back of the fridge? No? Well, that’s what I’m feelin’ anyways! :wink:

Feeeeeeeeelllllllll the heat!! of her PASSION!!!

Am I getting warmer? :wink:

A Spider that lives at The Dope

Felt around for her lost bar of soap

The suds in her eye

Were making her cry

But she still had a hold on the rope

You’re feeling plucky!

Well, Sanguine , since you aren’t gonna tell us how you feel, I can only guess that mayhap you’re feelin’ Cranky As An Old Man who needs to let out a big ol’ furt , and your nose is Stuffy , but relax, it’s only a harmless little allergy making you feel that way. Or maybe you feel like a Survivor after tossing and turning all night on a Lumpy bed and you just need to Gyrate and stretch it all out, otherwise you’ll feel like The Wrong Girl all day and there’s nothing chique about that. Or did that Burnt Sugar on your Hot Buttered Toast this morning make you feel like an ogre ? Hope all this Czarcasm doesn’t make you Rue DeDay you started this thread. I’m not usually such a trublmakr. :smiley:

What’s Sanguine feelin’ right now?
Badly for missing my birthday?

Upon exploring the forum a little more, my answer becomes a question:


Who? Get it? Who. What? Last call already?

Perfect thing to throw at people though. You can just be like
“Hey Joe!”
“GLITTER!?!” throws glitter in face

Glitter…a prissy pranksters dream…it doesn’t leave a mark but it sure does burn once it’s in your eyes! And it SPARKLES!


Also, let us know if they start multiplying.

I feel so left out… I made extra sure to make my username easy to stuff into “use Doper names in a sentence” posts and I haven’t been in a single one yet.


On the other hand… Eeek! Glitter!


I used to know a spider, but she was green


Yes…I am extra weird. You can all get back to your regular weirdnesses.

You are evil. EVIL! Glitter should not be used like that.

Without you, it was Really Not All That Bright. :smiley:
Normally I don’t truck with spiders, cause ya’ll are all icky and stuff, but I’ll guess… dangerous?

Dr. John (Mac Rebennac) used to throw glitter upon his entrance to the stage. He called it gris-gris, and with the silent “S’s” it’s one of the dreaded “gry” words.

But, HEY! We’re here to wonder how Sanguine Spider is feeling! Is it a good day? Is she on pins and needles? Or tenterhooks? Or Effexor? Well, listen to this! (cues the band) Yes! You better believe it, folks! Come on, get UP and appear to dance! If I could speak French, I would say…JENNA…SAY…KWA!!! And I would know what that means, too.

Indeed, I guess I was Really Not All That Bright for leaving you out. :smack: My apologies. :wink:


The responses, THE RESPONSES! Wow… you’re all super sweet! I must admit that on this particular day I am not feeling so hot, not feeling so good. I did a stupid thing (you may comment accordingly) this weekend.

Let’s journey back in time to discover my stupidity, shall we?

::time travel mode::

My hunnybunny and I spent a wonderful Saturday together. We gamed (D&D) and then… :ahem: “romped” the remainder of the night away. This man, as well as being the sweetest, most loving man I’ve ever known, bought all our meals, bought me some toothache medicine (yesssss, gotta go to the dentist, I know :frowning: ), and then took me out to brunch the next morning after even more sweet lovin’. The thing is though, that during our gaming, our mutual friend asked me a question about having sex with a female for 10 million and I said I would. The friend said he would have sex with another woman to which his wife gave him “the stare” and rolled her eyes at his joke. Ha ha, it was all in good humor.

Not a big deal then but later during several sessions of sex with my hunny, he brought up the question again and asked me if I’d still say yes if the female was our other mutual friend (he once tried to date her but has since learned her disposition on many issues, mainly being annoying and a know-it-all, and she’s kind of plain). I didn’t answer due to having my mind and body on other things. Later, when we were resting and cuddling, he brought it up again and remarked that our relationship would be strained if I did have sex with our pal. Since it’s someone I would know. Duh. Now, logically, I know he doesn’t want to be with her in that way (love or sex) but still, during sex (and it’s OK for him to bring up naughty things he’d like to do to me and things I can do to him or even things he’d like me to do to other girls - albeit no one we know- it got to me later. I am a jealous person but with him, I try to be more logical about my nature. I know he’d never cheat on me or hurt me that way.

We are talking logically. Emotionally, this pal of ours is the last person I want to hear about while I’m having sex with my guy. Does that make sense? Anyway, I didn’t know the issue was bugging me until we were going to leave our friends’ house (they are married and we stay the night when we game). She told him that she had an old game he used to enjoy on her computer and he wanted to play it before we left. Not a huge deal but I was feeling guilty that he’d gotten no sleep, nada, NONE that night (he works nights and gets little sleep as it is, hence the guilt) and so I remarked that I thought he wanted to get home right away and sleep the rest of his Sunday away. He said he might want to play (game was called “Lemmings” and he was addicted years ago) and it pissed me off.

I want you all to know that we hardly get to see each other and I wanted to spend every minute with him before he went home. I know he needed sleep, his eyes were droopy and he gets headaches when he doesn’t get enough. It hurt to think that he’d rather play that stupid game than spend the last half an hour with me when we get so little time together but then he kept talking to our female friend (about “Lemmings”) and then I just went into stupid mode and stormed off. He came and found me, and asked what was up. I said he should try to sleep since he was tired and not stay to play the game (IMO, he can play it at home anytime, he doesn’t have to play when I am there). He got curt and answered, “Ok, yeah. I’ll go then. I won’t play” and left the room. Remember, I was feeling bad that I didn’t let him get any sleep but then seeing him talking to her, I just got pissed off.

I was being stupid, I know but it still hurt. He went outside to leave then went back in to use the bathroom and I yelled after him that “I barely get to see him” but he didn’t turn around. I just left because I hate people seeing me cry. I’ve tried calling him but he hasn’t called back. I tried explaining why I was upset on the message I left on his voice messenging. I’m a big fool and it’s all my fault.
::time travel mode::

So, Sanguine is feeling pretty sad right now and hoping her hunny still loves her :frowning: and won’t break up with her.