What's shakin', crafty Dopers?

Me too! I ordered that pattern as well, I’m just waiting for the right fabric. I love that Russian fairy tale fabric (From Japan) that she used; my mom had it last year from Superbuzzy. But Superbuzzy fabric costs a heck of a lot.

My leather working is limited to protective leather for oars and on the yokes of booms. I used a special fork 4 tine tool and a hammer to make the line of holes to stitch and then I hand stitch using waxed whipping line. When I replaced my pool table pockets, I just used a drill to make the holes.

I thought it required a heavy duty machine to sew through leather. Can you actually get through leather with a home machine?

On that subject, what is a good light use sewing machine for home use for projects like curtains? Are their any for under $200? I am clueless what to buy and our $69 singer special was a disaster that thankfully we were able to return.

I need my wife to break down and finally join the SDMB to share in these heavy on knitting threads.

She has made several very nice blankets and a beautiful tree skirt for the Christmas Tree and several other projects.


This is crazy-weird.

The other day I had this crafty idea pop into my head so I drew up the basic pattern then hit the craft store for supplies (dangit, I forgot the glue!).

They are homemade adult oriented make fun of Irish/Scot cards… one idea was sparked by a Dope thread. :dubious: I’m of Irish/Scot decent so I can get by with this, right :confused:

Anyways - I dont want to give away the whole thing til it’s all done… plus, I have to decide who to send them to. Hopefully, the receivers will find them humourous. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a huge demand for them :smiley:

Makin’ yarns yarns yarns.

Also, hats from said yarns (the more mundane ones, at least).

Yeah, that’s about what I’m thinking too. I wouldn’t sell them at a craft fair or anything, they’re too expensive to make. (OK, I’m using stash fabric right now, but I did pay for it in the first place, and it’s linen, good corduroy, really nice cottons, etc.) The trouble is, when you place them in a boutique the owner takes her cut too (it’s 40% here), and pretty soon you’re charging ridiculously high prices for relatively small items. Sigh. I also thought of offering them as fundraiser items for the Friends of the Library to sell, in which case it would be about $25 and I wouldn’t get much of that.
What Exit, a good home machine will sew through a certain amount of leather. My Bernina would do it. But nothing too heavy, just the lighter stuff. You can call up dealers and ask; they’ll also know about the correct needles to use.

The trouble with inexpensive machines is that they tend to be, well, cheap. My SIL was pretty happy with her little Brother machine for a while, though. It lasted a few years. But it wasn’t very sensitive to speed; it was either ON full-speed or off.

So many cool things!

I’m still plugging away at my socks (working on the cuff now, so only a few more inches and the second pair will be done, the ones for my friend I don’t know if I want to give her. They look weird, and her birthday is tomorrow, so I don’t know if I can finish turning the heel and doing the foot on that pair… so I may just finish the cuff on the first pair and give her that pair instead… then I’d have to make a pair of the same pattern for me. :wink: ).

I’m slowly plugging away at Secret of the Stole II, I’m only on clue 2 but clue 6 (I think) comes out tomorrow.

I need to make another mitten or two for my son, because he lost one (but I have lots of the noro, so that won’t be hard).

Plus I have plans for lots of things, and not enough time to knit. Doesn’t help I’ve been sick since before Valentine’s day and have barely touched the needles. I also started a spinning class, but I didn’t go last night. Just felt like I should stay home and recover still.

oops, I forgot to mention the reason why I thought this was crazy-weird… Got the creative juices flowing thank to the eclipse, and very first post that popped up when I logged in was this one!!!
i also decided to reveal what one of my designs is (at least I hope noone else has) - well, picture this:

A guy on the front wearing kilt. Card says: I am here to once in for all settle the long-lived debate on what we wear under a kilt

You lift up the fabric kilt to find:
“WOOL, of course”! and the guy holding a wool-made lamb.

Wrong? Oh yes! Offending? Probably! I have some other ideas I’m workin on…

I just finished a Hallowig for a friend. I finally got in the 17 balls of Baby Alpaca I need for MrRancher’s sweater. I’m closing in on completion of my earflap hat. And I’m still working on a cardigan for moi!

Are any of you knitters or crocheters on Ravelry? I love it - such an easy way to find patterns, and yarns, and keep track of my stash and needles and projects…

I have the same screen name on there, if you want to be-friend me :slight_smile:

Everything crafty I’ve done lately is related to the wedding (t-minus 40 days and counting!) I’ve started making mobiles of the 329 paper cranes I folded out of repurposed old calendars, made a hair vine out of wire and beads, and finished sewing two bridesmaid dresses and am halfway through the third.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, because my camera got lost in Italy in January and I haven’t gotten a new one yet. I can’t wait until this wedding is over so I can get back to doing crafty stuff for its own sake. My fiance’s sweater is only two inches high at this point, and I was hoping to have it finished while it was still cold out. At this rate it won’t be finished until fall.

I’ve been working on these kinds of tins, though this is not my shop. Once I have about two dozen I’ll open my own on Etsy. I have a hard time explaining to people that I rework Altoids tins into scrapbooks. I’ve made a few for friends and family, pictures included, and it’s so much fun I can’t wait to branch out.

I love altered Altoid tins! I’ve bought a bunch on sale, emptied them out, and sent the mints in with Jim to work.
Let me know when you open your shop, I’d love to take a look!
And would love to hear more from an Etsy shop owner too. I’ve been tossing around the idea for a while now, seeing that I do so many kinds of crafts.
I’m waiting to get into the new house so I can start on cold process soaps, I’m amassing supplies now.

I just finished crocheting up one of these in a gorgeous dark cherry red yarn - sorry, I haven’t taken pix of mine yet, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. I love these quickie patterns! It basically took me part of an evening to get most of it done, and then I finished it up during my one-hour bus ride the following morning (I guess that’s the one upside to commuting… an hour a day of enforced sitting still). I’m pondering making a variation in a different colour, maybe replacing the puffs with a different stitch so it doesn’t look quite the same.

I also finished up a blankie for my cousin’s little daughter, who was most appropriately born on the first-ever Ontario Family Day holiday. No pics of that either… I’m apparently too busy crafting to take photos. :slight_smile:

Next on the docket is a dress using this pattern in a nice dove-grey poly blend with an Asian-style floral pattern.

Oh, I love those! I might need to try that, only I’m not much good at scrapbooking, I’m a couple of years behind as it is…

Thats the greatest thing about scrapbooking. No rush. I’m behind, but I figure I’ll have plenty of time to do it.

Wow! You ladies are so very talented.

I don’t have any pictures at the moment of my finished project. Hopefully, I well get one tomorrow that I can share of the dress that I smocked for my niece.

I got my inspiration from this site. Mine was not as detailed as hers. But then again, it was my first dress that I have made.

I made a red and white gingham bishop dress, 3/4 sleeves. I chose to do the open hearts instead of the solid ones and then I sewed heart button into the front three open hearts.

Emily (5 mths) was beautiful in her dress. I can’t wait to get started on an Spring dress now.

Does anyone else smock?? I need guidance!!

Wow, I love the coccoon yarn. What do you make with a yarn like that or is it just for looking? (Sometimes I suspect that I’m a yarn collector and not actually a knitter.)

I’m between projects at the moment. This is my last project. The picture is terrible, and it looks a lot better IRL. I may finish Lady Eleanor someday. I’ve been working on her for almost a year and she’s only half done. I also have a Clapotis that’s halfway finished. It’s in Patons SWS in Natural Violet. It’s quite a wooly beast. No pics because it seems that every time I take a picture of a WIP, I decide I hate it and don’t finish it.

Email me if you’d like the template for the accordion fold that goes inside, I have it in Word.

I am making Gay Pride Flag scarves. They crochet up in about two hours.

Picture two there is just to show you Mr. Hammy Hamington.

Email sent. Thanks for the offer!