What's that thing on Kerri Walsh's shoulder?

Beach volleyball is on as I peruse these here boards (WTF is Norway doing with a beach volleyball team?! The same thing Jamaica did with a bobsled team?) and I noticed Kerri Walsh seems to have what looks like a big Velcro spider glued to her right shoulder. What is that, anybody know?

It is a big velcro spider.

Supposedly, after her shoulder surgery last fall she is 100% healed but not 100% strong, and this is supposed to help. I’m thinking it helps the way copper bracelets help, but whatever.

It’s this.

Kinesio bandage.

I think it looks sorta spiffy, actually.

Hmmmm. Part science, part marketing, I guess. The video never really explains how it works except that it “lifts the skin” to allow better circulation. Lifts the skin from what?

Anyway, thanks to buncombe for the info.

I wondered about that myself. Thought it might be some kind of alien lifeform which loves beach volleyball and insisted on a seat very close to the action.

When I first saw it I thought maybe she had some tattoos that the organizers disapproved of.

When I first saw it I thought it was a tattoo.

If I was an alien lifeform (or human) I’d attach myself to her ass!

Designer nicotine patch?

Anyone have a link?

Effectively, a target. Not that it matters I’m sure she welcomes the “attention” recovered or not.

norway has quite a bit of ocean front property. it may be a bit cold, but it is there.

I’ve never been to Norway but I have a friend from southwest Norway and he says it’s very pleasant with nice beaches due to the gulf stream. I’ve been to Sweden and the weather was pretty much perfect. I would not compare it to a country without snow trying to field a bobsled team.

I know that I have been posting in way too many female related threads lately but Kerri Walsh may have the nicest legs that I’ve ever seen. Wow. Her ass isn’t bad either. Yes I am feeling like a perv. :wink:

Yank though I may be, but I find myself rooting for the Belgians, Liesbeth and Liesbet, right now.

One reason is that their own Olympic Committee didn’t want to send them to the Games. And at the moment they’re giving May-Walsh a helluva fight.


See, we never stop fighting ignorance!