What's the best advice you've gotten from a message board?

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right here

“Go see your doctor, instead of asking a bunch of strangers on a message board.”

I asked for advice on how to build a gravity racer for a contest in my AP physics class at High School. I won by using someone’s suggestion of using CD wheels on my car to reduce friction. First prize was a graphing calculator and a drinking brid.

I can’t find it right now, but earlier this month, someone said something like: “You will never, ever change the minds of some people.”

Maybe not the best of all time, but it is all that comes to mind right now.

A number of months ago I got good advice here about dosages for Tylenol and Advil type drugs… I had been seriously overdosing myself and didn’t know it. Some possible liver damage has been discovered recently and I suspect it may be due to the high dosages I was taking. I’m seeing a liver specialist on August 1st. The advice may have saved my life, though…

I’ve gotten alot of good advice and alot of bad over the years.

The best wasn’t really advice it was just something someone said on another message board. It was something like

“Everyone has problems in life, you can’t avoid that. What is important is how you deal with them”. Which is true, everyone has problems and you can’t avoid them, its how you cope that plays a role in how good or bad your life is.

“Don’t let other people live in your head.”

From QtM.

Well, this advice wasn’t directed at me, but was posted in response to someone else’s OP. The OP I’m talking about discussed getting organized, and I thought “hey, I should read that and see what the Dopers have to say”. I’ve always been a dreadful housekeeper, and not being organized was a big part of that. Several of the Dopers in that thread mentioned flylady.net, and I checked it out. It was a turning point for me, my family and my house! I’m still not a neatnik (and hope I never will be), but I’m not embarrassed to open my front door when someone knocks anymore!

Well, not so much message boards, but I’ve gotten some life-changing advice from some email lists (ones devoted to some health-related issues).

From, say, the Dope: Very useful help on a variety of topics ranging from dental issues to leather sofas.

There was a thread a year or two ago from someone asking for vacation recommendations. Someone recommended Chattanooga, TN and provided all sorts of links. It was a great, well organized post, and really sold the city well.

So much so that I decided to go there last year and had a ball. I never would have considered Tennessee as a vacation destination, and if I had, it probably would have been Memphis or Nashville instead.

Go to the doctor. It wasn’t particularly useful, since I had pretty much had that in mind anyway; however, it is still good advice.

From our departed GQ mod:

“Wear pants when you go outside.”

Hoo boy, that saved me some potential trouble down the road.

I asked for advice on what car to buy, and I was steered toward the Honda Civic. I haven’t regretted it. I heart my '01 Civic!

Of course, as soon as I hit post, the damned thing will spontaneously combust in the parking lot…

To whom are your replying? Or is that the best advice you’ve received?

I fear that you misread me: “go to the doctor” is outstanding advice that too many people decline to give.

I know how you feel. My 2000 Honda Civic LX is a beauty, and I lurve her. Good car! Who’s a good, fuel-efficent pretty car! Yes, you is!

Back on the old Animorphs boards, where I lived in high school:

“Don’t date that guy!”

…hey, it was good advice. I mean, I didn’t listen, but it was still good advice.

This is just the funniest thing I’ve read today.
(Fuel efficent? what’s that?..---------------->Spent $85 on my last fill up.)

>>What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from a message board?

Don’t take advice from a message board.