What's the best hashtag for this message board?

If you want to comment on a topic in twitter, you use a hashtag. Here’s an example from last year: https://twitter.com/phalpern/status/661540223688404992
[INDENT][INDENT]An epic poem about Schrödinger’s Cat, by Cecil Adams:
#SchrödingersCat #CecilAdams #quantum[/INDENT][/INDENT]

#CecilAdams is good for linking to a column. I might make that a weekly habit. But what’s the best hashtag for the message board itself? Currently there isn’t any and I’m asking the teeming millions for suggestions. #sdmb is taken by the Sun Devil Marching Band of Arizona State University.

#teemings isn’t taken.
#teeming comes up, but would probably work.
#teemingmillions is 17 characters. Otherwise it’s ok.

#str8dope might be about str8dope.com

#straightdope is a long hashtag - 14 characters. It attracts a variety of tweets. This one might be the winner, but maybe there’s something better.

I see nothing so far that is ideal. Thoughts? I suppose more than one could be used on occasion.






I was thinking


might be quick to type, but it took longer than I thought.

They use it about 4-5 times a month. That isn’t taken in the world of the hashtag. If we couldn’t swamp that usage, there isn’t much point worrying about what hashtag people use. (I suspect there isn’t much point.)


#nocunts #nofuckyous #nowarningissued