What's the BEST thing that will happen if the other guy wins?

Obama supporters: What’s the best thing that will happen if Romney is elected?

Romney supporters: What’s the best thing that will happen if Obama is re-elected?

If you’re a 3rd party supporter, you get to speculate about both guys.

Me: Obama supporter. I would like Romney’s SCOTUS appointments more than Obama’s.

If Romney wins, Obama’s daughters get to go back to having something like a more normal life.

If Romney wins, my taxes go down.

If Romney wins, I may be able to convince my ex to move to Canada with me and our son.

I think the hype that Rmoney is some kind of job creatin’ business genius that’s going to turn the economy around will be a self fulfilling prophecy. I think the economy will surge a bit for a while.

Obama: Although I do not like universal health care on an ideological level, I have to admit that as a practical matter it works better than what we have now and that I’d rather keep going in that direction.
Romney: The tax cuts are ultimately self-destructive, but in the short term will benefit me.

If Romney wins, the best thing that happens is that Obama "Grover Cleveland"s it and comes back in 4 years.

ETA: Actually the best thing that could happen would be Romney wins in the house because there was no majority in the electoral college, and then America gets upset enough at what happened that we get rid of it, or the inter-state national vote compact gets adopted by enough states to matter.

Also, a Biden vice presidency under Romney would be about the most hilarious thing ever.

A Romney victory might unify the Democratic Party, and instill some actual discipline into it. We might figure out how to play the same hard-line game that the Republicans have been playing for the last four years. We could also swing back farther left again, which would be fun. If they can go extremist and still win…so can we.

Also, since Romney can’t balance the budget and produce jobs, we’ll make a hell of a killing in the mid-term elections. We’ll take back the House, improve our edge in the Senate, and force the s.o.b. to some meaningful compromise.

Now…it’s too soon to start thinking about impeachment… :wink:

I was going to say, stricter immigration enforcement. But I can’t really count on Romney to do anything he says he’ll do. That’s the problem. Even on the issues I disagree with Obama on, I know fairly well what he’s going to do. With Romney I have no idea. Nobody does. They just know he’s not Obama.

If Obama wins, the Republicans are practically guaranteed to win everything in 2016.

Our taxes will go down under Romney.

If Romney wins, the planet will remain in orbit about the sun.

This is NOT to be construed as implying that an Obama win will see the planet leave its orbital trajectory.

Stealing a page out of Dan Carlin’s book … if Romney wins, the media might start paying attention to some egregious executive powers that they’ve been conveniently not shitting bricks about for four years.

If Romney wins, there is a chance that we will avoid the Fiscal Cliff. The House might finally get in line with Boehner and pass a 90% spending-decrease budget and the Senate and President might sign it to avoid a fiscal meltdown. After all, they are mostly sticking to their insane budget games in order to win power, and considering they are best at brinksmanship because they don’t really care if America is destroyed in the process, if they have the Presidency and House they effectively have full power. If the Senate wants to make any noise to the contrary, the House will just threaten to default on the debt again and they’ll quickly fall in line.

On the other hand, if Obama wins, the House Tea Party will do everything they can to make Washington look dysfunctional by taking us over the cliff, and blame in on Obama.

I have a policy project at work that could conceivably disappear if Romney has his way. It wouldn’t be the best thing for my position in the organization and would untie a lot of work I’ve done, but it’d lighten my workload for a while.

If Romney wins a bunch of pissed off rich guys won’t fire workers out of pure spite.

If Romney wins, I will continue to not regret my decision to move to Canada.

edit: I’ll probably continue to not regret it under Obama, too, but less so.

If Romney wins, my boss will be in a good mood for a day or two. Oh, and what Ethilrist said about Obama’s daughters having a more normal life. That’d be a good thing.

Heh. Bookmarked.

This is all that comes to my mind as well.

Given the poll numbers now - if Romney wins, people will take the issue of voter suppression more seriously.