What's the best way to get an idea to go viral?

What would be the best way to publicize (hopefully to go viral) the slogan: Trump - Just STFU! Or Trump- Just Shut the F up! Or some version of it? Some social media platform? Other?

First I’d get it rewritten as something that is catchy, poignant or funny and preferably two out of three. Then find someone famous to say it for you and then get at least 4 other similarly famous people to parrot it in various national attention-getting places. I’d suggest either Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert for your national TV person. Maybe grab a Kardashian for twitter. If you could get Limbaugh as your radio person you’d be golden. Then you just need a little bit of luck.

More opinion seeking than debate or ranting. Moving this thread from Great Debates to IMHO.


If people knew the answer to this, everybody would do it.

Wouldn’t it be kind of limiting to have a sitting president shutting the fuck up ?
Old Cal had it covered, but he was a special case.

Yes. I’d say with Trump that would be the main benefit.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but the short answer is you can’t. For something to be legitimately considered viral it has to get picked up/spread around spontaneously, not as a result of any kind of promotion or marketing.

There’s a channel on YouTube called the Slingshot Channel and the guy who runs it (I forget his name) did a video on his analysis of what makes something go viral, and while he could find things that made one video more or less popular than an other, there was no obvious key to genuine virality.

Despite just being a label, I suspect that the name “viral” is actually a well-chosen one. The thing with viruses is that we’re usually immune to them. But, every once in a while, something has evolved to be just outside of what our system expects, and so it makes its way in. The very first cat meme, for example, wasn’t something people expected, so it went viral. Now that there are a billion of them, we’re all sufficiently inoculated.

Just being good isn’t sufficient for something to truly go viral. It has to include something that’s new and interesting to most of society and yet, for whatever reason, no one ever seems to have put together before. For obvious reasons, that’s a tall order. We can’t all think of putting poor grammar on cat pictures.

An inspirational quote of mine has gone viral. I didn’t have
anything to do with it; someone saw it on a magnet and it’s been reposted
ever since.

To be sure an ad agency can’t deliver a viral success on demand. But because successful virality is an exponential process, deliberate promotional efforts can certainly give a big leg up.

IOW, imagine I say something pithy right here and a couple people post back “Very clever. I like it.” Contrast that with I’m some guy with 100K twitter followers and I post the same thing, carefully timed by me to resonate with some current event.

This second me is a hell of a lot more likely to get critical mass above the rest the witticisms du jour. Paid placement for things targeted to go viral is a real thing. Even though the odds remain low, paid placements in “thought leaders” is sure the better way to bet.

Probably if you add the phrase: “Trump scandal”!!! :smiley: