What's the best way to rent my NYC apt for the Super Bowl?

I live in a fairly large one bedroom (rented) apt in midtown Manhattan, and I’m considering renting out for super bowl weekend. Any suggestions on how to go about getting the most I can? I’ll be crashing on a friends couch for how ever many days I can rent it for. I’ve never done this before so I’m wary of leaving strangers alone in my apt for an extended weekend. My goal is to make enough to buy a ticket so I can go to the game (and not to come home to a cleaned out apartment).

Go Seahawks!


You could try signing up on Airbnb. I have no idea what the process is like but several friends have used it successfully to rent places in other cities.

Note that landlords do not generally like this sort of thing, and the legality of things like Airbnb in New York (where hotels are tightly regulated) is currently in dispute.