What's the deal with Bo Ryan (Wisky) and the NCAA tournament?

If my calculations are correct:

  • 11 seasons and 11 tournament bids.

  • Tournament record 15-11. 57%

  • Only twice in that time was Wisky lower than an 8 seed.

  • No championships, no Final Fours, one Elite 8.

  • Bounced twice in the first round and four times in the second round.

Is there any coach or team that has brought more wins, higher rankings and still performed so badly?

Yes, elite programs sometimes get bounced early but not like what’s happened to Wisky year after year. This year they give tOSU a war in the B1G conference championship and then take an early exit in the NCAA. WTF?

Charles Barkley is right - the tournament is about having the horses. People play harder when they know if they lose, season’s over. Every NCAA champion since 1978 has had at least one McDonald’s All-American on their team except for the 2002 Maryland team, and they had Juan Dixon and Steve Blake. Wisconsin just doesn’t have guys like that (though Dekker is a great talent). They put system above raw talent. They put few guys into the NBA - I think there are three right now (Harris, Leuer, Stiemsma) and Leuer doesn’t play.

They got beat by a more athletic but crappy Ole Miss team today.

Before anyone says Butler, they had two NBA players on their roster.

At UW-Platteville he coached several Div 3 championship teams including 2 undeafeted seasons.

So maybe the “awesome coach with a mediocre team” theory is correct.


And yet I pick them to go into the S16 or further every single year. Maybe this is the year I learn.

You could also make this thread about John Thompson III. After making the Final 4 in his first season, Georgetown has won 1, N/A (made NIT), 0, 1, 2, and 0 NCAA games.