NCAA Tournament - any teams you'll follow?.

Kentucky’s unbeaten series continues with their SEC Tournament title win. I’m a old time Arkansas fan, but can’t help but admire and root for Kentucky. I was in junior high when the 1976 Indiana team went unbeaten. I’d love to see history repeat itself once more in my lifetime.

Arkansas should go pretty far in the tournament. Mike Anderson has done an incredible job rebuilding and turning around this team in only 4 seasons. I’m hoping they reach the Big 8. Sweet sixteen at the very least.

Duke is always a threat. They have a number 1 seed again this year. I usually support them, but not if they play Kentucky or Arkansas.

Who will you be watching in the NCAA Tournament?


Just Wisconsin.
I was at UW Platteville at the same time as Bo Ryan, though their best years were after.
They had 4 national champoinships including two undefeated years IIRC


Mighty Oregon! I am currently baffled that we got an 8 seed while Utah, whom we beat twice and finished ahead of, got a 5. It appears that we are headed for a second consecutive second-round meeting with Wisconsin, which is unlikely to go well. Maybe someone on the committee is a Badgers fan still sore about that Rose Bowl a few years ago…

UVA Class of '83

Go Hoos!

Michigan State, followed by any other Big Ten team.

North Carolina and Michigan StateGO HEELS AND SPARTANS!!

Can someone explain why some 11th and 16th seeds have play-in games and some don’t? I’m baffled.

I don’t care about basketball

I just always support my alma mater UNC

Arkansas has a tough road even to the Sweet 16. Wolford first. Then probably they’ll play N. Carolina. That’s going to be a challenge. Notre Dame just beat UNC for the ACC title. Much like Arkanas got beat by Kentucky for the SEC title.

These days I only have time to watch a few teams during the Big Dance. Giving preference to the SEC teams. Then watch the Final 4 and Championship games.

Hate that LSU didn’t get invited. But that OT loss to Auburn hurt them.

It would be nice to see Wyoming break that 72 year drought. :wink:

Wait a minute … then who is North Carolina State playing on Thursday night?

As for me, I will be following Iowa State. Both my kids (and my dad) are alums, and it’s been a lot of fun following the Cyclones and coach Fred Hoiberg these past few seasons. They just won the Big 12 tournament for the second year in a row, and have come back from double-digit deficits in the last five games running (hopefully that doesn’t bite them in the ass in the NCAA tournament, but at least we know they won’t get tight or nervous if/when they get behind). I have them in the Elite Eight this year, losing to Duke, but you know - anything can happen.

(Including an embarrassing early exit. Some 10-ish years ago Iowa State was a 2 seed, and ESPN’s Mike Greenberg picked them to win it all - and they proceeded to lose the first game to 15-seed Hampton.)

Last year Iowa State had a great shot at getting to the Final Four, maybe, until their leader got hurt and missed the game against eventual champion UConn. Another fun fact: everybody expected next year to be the big year for the Cyclones, so they may have even better things to come.

I also will be watching UNI to see how they do. I have them beating Louisville but then losing to Michigan State in the Sweet 16 (sorry, Virginia).

LSU made it after all. Cool. I had seen articles saying the Auburn loss cost them the chance.

I’ll watch LSU for sure. Gotta support the SEC.

Weird. Family connections make those my second and third choices. What are the chances??

Plus one!

Syracuse is out. Kentucky is pretty much a foregone conclusion. I’ll probably skip it this year.

The Midwest bracket is a nightmare for me as a fan.

I’m from Kansas, and grew up on KU basketball. (Not much Wichita St. fandom, but they’re from my state!)
I went to undergrad at Notre Dame.
I have a graduate degree from IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis).
I live in Indianapolis, and have a lot of Butler grad friends (and rooted for them in their two consecutive Final Four runs).
My wife is from Kentucky, and is a big UK fan.

What the hell, selection committee?!?

Gotta stay true to your alma mater, right?

The only team I have any sentimental attachment to is one that has no chance of winning.

Even so, I’m a Catholic boy from Queens, so I have to root for my Dad’s alma mater: St. John’s.