What's The Latest on The Australian Bully Situation


Looks like the Adelaide newspaper has chosen to pay more attention to the tabloid TV shows covering the situation than following up with the situation itself.

Since the boys’ suspensions are most likely over by now and they’re back in school together, I’m wondering if there is any more news coming out about what’s happening in the boys’ lives now.

Any Aussies know?

The little guy (bully) is claiming the big guy (victim) started it. Whatever. I think when the coverage of the news becomes more newsworthy than the news itself, it’s a sure sign that there isn’t actually anything to report.

What, they can’t get Charlie Sheen coverage in Australia so they have to cover a couple of kids fighting in school?

I saw this video for the first time this morning on the Today show. They interviewed the smaller kid who claims that the other kid is the bully. Duh, its two kids fighting at school and their stories of who started it differ. Teachers and parents have been dealing with this question for thousands years and now reporters have discovered it. I know, I know, it’s the Today show. Still, the world must be almost perfect if this is the most important news they can find to cover.

The two kids should get together and ink a deal for a reality show as fast as they can. Strike while the iron is hot. Let bygones be bygones behind the scenes and become business partners. But in front of the cameras play up the arch-enemy drama complete with staged dramatic conflicts between the two. TV watchers eat that shit up. They could make a mint.


He needs to get body-slammed again, just for claiming this.

I think he’s working with the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine. The big kid is an attractive nuisance. By standing there, looking so wimpy, he attracts bullies to punch him in the face. The bullies, being children, do not appreciate the danger in punching someone who is way bigger than them, it appears to be a very safe activity.

Therefore, it is clearly the big kid’s fault, he should stop looking so wimpy, get a leather jacket, take up smoking, or carry around a sign that says “Danger, punching this kid may result in getting your ass kicked.”

The bully is letting off huuuuge clouds of radiation…what?

Sadly there is room on the front page for stories about both Charlie Sheen and the kids fighting.

Not much else, however.