The Australian Big Brother Sexual Assault Scandal

There has been intense media coverage here of an incident in the Australian series of Big Brother, whereby two male contestants held down a female contestant at 4:30am and one of the men slapped the female contestant’s face with his penis.

The two male contestants have been removed from the house. The female contestant was obviously upset that they were removed, as she seems to think that even though she did not want it to happen, it was basically a joke in poor taste which has got badly out of hand. No charges have been laid against the male contestants.

One federal politician has commented that if you put people in cages, they’ll behave like animals.


I’ll need to see the video clip before commenting. :smiley:

Just how long is his penis? :dubious:

The good ol’ “Mushroom Tattoo”. :stuck_out_tongue:

shirley, don’t most guys have a long enough penis to slap people in the face with? I know I do, but would I do it? I’ll accept applications.

“Mommy, how come those men got kicked off the show? Everybody’s talking about it…”

Gotta love TV these days…

Rules is Rules. You breaks the rules, you gets kicked off the show.


The end.

That was really thinking ahead, making a rule against schlong-slapping people in the face…

I’m just hoping- desperately hoping- that this finally gets Big Brother cancelled (in Australia) once and for all.

There isn’t sufficient vile in the English Language to sufficiently express my hatred of this show and everyone who has anything- no matter how remote- to do with it .

Of course, the word was this was going to be the last series anyway, since the show’s getting out-rated by Family Guy and everyone’s sick to death of the entire concept of “Reality TV”…

Bah humbug! Even though year after year it fails to live up to the first season, I almost always watch Big Brother. The fact that the Prime Minister is calling for it to be taken off air over an incident that was not screened on tv, violated the rules and resulted in the two participants being kicked out is revolting, typical of the current political attitude of “I don’t like it so I want it banned”.

Politicians should not dictate what we can and can’t watch, especially in relation to unscreened material. I am aware that the offending footage was broadcast over the internet, but they aren’t calling for the live streams to be pulled or for BB to take more care about what it allows to be shown online - they want the whole show taken off air.

No matter how much Big Brother sucks, Channel Ten should be able to decide whether or not to continue screening it based on how it rates.

Footballers engage in worse behaviour on any given weekend. Why isn’t AFL under fire? Could it be because the PM likes his sport? Hypocrites, morons and the religious minority are attempting to ban everything they don’t like and it’s just wrong. If you don’t like Big Brother, vote with your remote control but for Og’s sake, this isn’t a matter for government.

A similar incident happened last year, which caused a furore, so they did actually strengthen the rules on what constitutes improper behaviour.

I agree with you in principle- this really isn’t any of the Government’s business- but since this is one of the very, very few times the Government and I have ever agreed on a particular issue, I’m enjoying it while it lasts. :smiley:

Let’s not be sexist here. What if 2 women held down a man and started snatch-slapping him? The rules have to be applied both ways…
quick-and-dirty attempt at a joke

This is just one of many problems I have with all these crap shows. Sorta the same thing happened on The Real World, several years ago. Two guys held down a girl and half stripped her. You put people in stressful situatons, offer the “winner” lots of money, and you have a GARAUNTEED recipe to see the worst of human nature boil to the top. WOO HOO! Won’t that make for some good damn ratings? All this drivel… no… all this disgusting peepshow of human nature should be stopped. Devo was right. :wink: De-Evolution is an active thing, happening everyday.

LOL, I felt the same way a couple of weeks back when I read a quote from a Family First senator that said they didn’t agree that charities and politicians should be exempt from the Do Not Call list. I was like “Wow, that makes sense. Has anyone seen today’s weather report for Hell? I suspect it’s unseasonably chilly there right now”.

The men should serve prison time for their violent sex crime. Any decent, moral human being would agree with this. Those that are not decent, moral human beings might think that this violent sex crime is nothing but a joke.

Unregistered Bull, what would your feelings be if, instead of slapping the woman with a penis, they instead held her down and shot rubber bands at her forehead, or gave her noogies? Would you still recommend prison time? If so, what makes a penis such a horrible thing that a crime involving one is so much worse than a crime not involving one?

(Personally, I think any moral and decent human being tends to avoid reality TV as either a viewer or a participant. :p)

Ah, yes, and that poor, deluded woman who doesn’t seem to think she was the victim of a violent sex crime should spend some time in therapy until she comes to see that she was. :rolleyes:

Hmm. Laying the ground for anyone who disagrees with you to be disqualified from decent, moral human beinghood. Perilously close to poisoning the well, isn’t it?

Storm in a teacup in my opinion. The fact that no charges are being laid makes it pretty obvious that it is not considered to be sexual assault. However, Big Brother makes the rules for the house and if the show decide that these guys have broken the rules, then out they go.

Yes, I do.

And don’t call me Shirley.
In before the overreacti- damnit, unregistered!

The Australian Financial Review reported today that the event has caused a massive rise in their ratings on the show - particularly because the incident is available on the internet. But Network Ten is keeping quiet about the extent of the ratings lest they been seen as profiting from conduct whcih is easily characterised as sexual assault.

In the meantime, the two evicted contestants are reportedly suing Network Ten for defamation.