What's the longest you've gone without reading SDMB?

From reading various peoples posts it seems like quite a few, like me, are addicted to this message board. So I was wondering, since you joined up, what’s the longest you’ve gone without reading the SDMB?

Mine was 3 days. I went from last Wednesday night until Saturday night without reading SDMB. Due to getting exam results, celebrating this, a friend’s birthday, and also my boyfriend having the house to himself for several days.

I think it was a week ago last year. I was on vacation.

Er, “a week sometime last year”.

I’ve been getting lots of rest; yep.

About 60 years

Pretty impressive, especially as you’ve only been here since June! :wink: lol

Time tripping again, Billy Pilgrim*?
About two weeks while out of town on a jobsite. Now that I have a cheap laptop, I am rarely without my fix. Unless it was a real hard day (too tired) or a real good night (party, concert, date).


Two weeks (around a month ago) when I was vacationing.

6 months. LaurAnge kept me up to date on the gossip though.

Probably a week or two while traveling, although I usually try to go to the netcafe every few days to get my fix.

Okay, I admit I was going for the joke, and that I didn’t read the OP before posting. Since I signed up in June this year, I may have skipped a day, maybe two, but that’s about the extent of my being away. If it’s any clue, whenever I log in I usually have anywhere from 8 to 18 pages of new posts to go through.

After I get through all however many pages to get caught up, I will usually “log out” and back in to cut down on the number I have to cope with. It takes no time for that “new posts” count to run back up to several pages. There have been sessions where I’ve done the log out/log in trick several times.

In short, I’m basically hooked on this place.

A week – while on vacation. When I got back, I did a rough sort of my email, looked at the important stuff, then headed here.

Just for grins, I stopped posting or even lurking for one entire year (2002). I had been spending a lot of time at the boards and felt like demonstrating to myself that I could also do without it.

I had the same feeling about my television set back in August of 2001. I’ve yet to turn it back on.

I haven’t logged on much at all this summer, with logging on a couple times to break up periods of a few weeks of being totally absent from the boards.

Not that anyone noticed.

The only times during the last four years have been the times when the board got hacked or the hamsters exploded. Otherwise, I read it every day.

Over a year. The board was still on AOL when I went to study abroad in Israel in 1998. It moved over to the web in March 1999 (some Doper friends kindly emailed me to let me know), and since I could access the web, I registered, but my web access was iffy at best, so I only posted a couple times. Then I pretty much forgot about the board until November of 1999, when I started posting again. So, August 1998-November 1999.

At least a year, probably more. Started reading a couple of years ago, forgot the address and was reminded of it from an email I received regarding a specific thread. It was an 'oh yeah the SDMB". I have stuck around ever since.

Have been SD-less from 11/4/2001 to 9/11/2002 (311 days) and 11/6/2002 to 8/7/2003 (274 days). Luckily now there’s nothing interesting happening in my “real” life so I can spend time here again…

The longest lapse since I’ve joined up and became fairly active was between a week and a week and a half. I was on vacation for a week, and didn’t get around to doing any online stuff for a few days after I came home again.

In general, I log on everyday, but that’ll probably taper off to every other day or so once school starts again. Bastard school.

Easily when the board went down. I was posting when it crashed and tried for some time to raise it.

Other that that, there’ve been a few 3 or 4 day absences when traveling. A rough calculation tells me I’ve spent seven to eight thousand hours here.

Hmm…, I might never have thought about this save for my prior post - I seem to post about once for every hour spent here. Now I’ve gotta shut up for a couple of hours.