What's the most fun thing to do with a....(game)

So my last thread gave me an idea, and this thread is it.
List some objects. The next poster has to come up with the most fun/interesting thing that can be done with those objects and submits some objects for the next next poster.

A banana, a goat, a pair of socks, and a yacht.


Ok, first, park your yacht near the herd of goats.

Using the banana, lure your chosen goat aboard the yacht.

Put on the socks, and have the goat pull you around the deck of the yacht as you sail.

May I suggest that we use the same list of four items as the previous poster, and simply choose one item to replace? Give it a sense of continuity, ya know?

So, A banana, A Goat, A Pair of Socks, and a Large Fluffy Feather Pillow.

I saw a porno that had all these elements and it looked like the guy was having fun. Can’t say the same for the goat.

** Phnord Prephect ** wrote…

After having been pulled around the deck for a while, you rest your head on the furry pillow and get yourself **a cat, a bowling ball and a chain saw… **

Sorry, that’s ** Fluffy Feather Pillow**.

Guess I was thinking about pornographic goats!

(Yeah, Yeah… BAND NAME!)