What's the most interesting car you saw today?

It’s been a while since I saw anything all that interesting, but there were a couple of noteworthy cars while I was running errands today:

  • An old BMW 2002, I think, although I saw it from a block away so it was hard to id.
  • A second generation Plymouth Voyager, in amazingly good condition for being almost 30 years old.
  • A classic air cooled Porsche 911, probably 1980s.

at dealer new Nissan Maxima in orange/gold. Probably will take a while to sell that one

My own car, covered in about a quarter inch of ice.

Jaguar F-Type coupe - a little unusual on a winter day in NH but there it was. Nice looking car.

Ice?!?! That does not seem like a good weather day. Hope you’re doing okay. You’re not in Alaska are you?

(Not to rub it in but) I’ve been in Palm Springs for a couple of days. Lots of nice cars around here, as you can imagine. One today was a nice BMW X3 M40i. MSRP starts at just under $60,000.

For an X3. Not inexpensive.

I went for a walk yesterday and discovered one of my neighbors appears to have acquired a 240Z project car.


On my way home in the dusk last night and I was passed by an RX-7 with a big wing affixed to the rear of it. Very surprised to see it out on a cold, winter evening with salt on the pavement and snow around. I hope I get to see it in the daylight.

Saw an early ‘50s Hudson Hornet, in good condition, being driven. Not sure I’ll ever see that again, unless the owner lives nearby and drives it frequently.

I saw a Plymouth Reliant or Dodge Aries, a nice reliable K car. The winter cars are out in force.