What's the most interesting car you saw today?

An El Camino SS, in orange with black hood stripes.

On my walk today I saw a nicely-restored, VW Beetle. What made it interesting was the vinyl legend under the rear window that said ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLE.

And I saw the guy in the Model A again. (He drives it around here a lot.)

I saw an orange El Camino (for sale) on the freeway around Mount Vernon, WA yesterday.

There is a place that sells electric conversion kits. The ones for Porsches get expensive, but for simpler cars like the VW bug you can get a kit for less than $8000.

SO tempting…

There is zero chance I’d have a Porsche converted to Electric.

No need. Buy one from the factory.

According to the company, you’ll have a number of choices to buy electric Porsches in the model years to come.

Probably true of almost every car make. Just like gas cars, there’ll be a wide range, from eCrappy to eCool.

Except I want a 1979 to 1983 911SC or (better) a 1984 to 1989 911 Carrera. They don’t make those anymore, and it would be ‘wrong’ to make one electric.

I’ve seen a car mechanic show which centered around an electric conversion business, I think in the UK. Yeah, they did a Porsche episode; as I recall, somebody had destroyed the engine and the car’s current owner decided that going electric made more sense than trying to get it fixed.

More Saturday morning bike ride photos. This time a Honda N600. I’d actually seen this same car on the front lawn of that house years ago. I guess it must have been hidden away in a garage since then. And now it’s on a trailer. Being sold, I guess?

Oh, and that truck in the background of the top photo is a 1950something GMC. It’s always parked there, so I don’t consider it interesting anymore and didn’t even notice I’d gotten it in the photo.




Old school Mini Cooper pick up truck. Undoubtedly more common in England back in the day. I don’t think I had ever seen one before.

My first Ford Mustang Mach-E in the wild. I thought it looked much better in person than in photos.

Google Photos

Just saw this on Nextdoor. It’s for sale.

Lotus Evora GT

Not a car, but I saw a guy hauling an airboat on a trailer. What makes that unusual is that it was near Cayuga Lake in NY. It would be, ummm, unwise to take one out on that lake.

Also, someone roared past my house in what looked like a Polaris slingshot.

Why would it be unwise?

On a relatively calm day the waves are 3-4’, and at the end of the lake where I saw it, the lake is well over a hundred feet deep. My understanding is those boats need flat water–they don’t have much in the way of sides.

A Toyota HiAce van, very much like this one. It was right hand drive, so it was almost certainly imported from Japan.

1966 Plymouth Barracuda

When I was about 10 years old, one of my first-ever toy Hot Wheels cars was a blue Barracuda just like this, except it was a 1967. I’m now 60 and I remember that little car. Holding it in my hands and racing it down the track was… magical.

My other first Hot Wheels car was a green 1932 Ford Vicky. I got both cars at the same time, and I remember them both well, the first of many Hot Wheels (and Match Box cars).

An classic MGB on the side of the road. There was a police car with its lights flashing parked behind it, so at first I assumed it had been pulled over, but as I passed it I realized there was no one in it. Apparently the driver had just left it there. There’s probably a joke about the reliability of British cars in there somewhere.

A new Chevy Silverado. The interesting thing was the paint job. It matched a “Road work ahead” sign. Orange with black letters. Not a good look.