What's the most interesting car you saw today?

A pretty interesting trip home from dinner this evening. . .

A white supercar, possibly a Lambo Aventador. It was waiting to turn at the cross street so I couldn’t make a positive ID.

A yellow 1970 VW 1600 Type 3 with a big hood scoop, which was interesting for a car that was originally rear engine.

A 86-88 White Yugo, reflecting the cutting edge of Serbo-Croation technology. Despite being parked in a place that might get a visit from Mike and Frank from American Pickers, it appeared to be in pristine condition with no visible rust.

Finally, a restored 1970 Buick LeSabre convertible.

Must be a car show somewhere near this weekend. Saw many interesting cars on the way home from work. Most interesting, in the liquor store parking lot, a red 1970 Chevelle SS454 with a blower. Other than the stuff sticking through the hood it looked pretty much correct.

I spoke too soon when I posted in this thread earlier today. Because this evening I got passed by a Ferrari Portofino. And apparently a nearly new one, since it still had its temporary paper license plates from the dealer, along with a license plate frame from Ferrari of San Francisco.

A 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible. The 2nd generation Bel Air.

It’s almost identical to what’s in the Wikipedia article, but different license plate —

I’ve had several to choose from so far today. A brand-y new Jaguar F-type that was shinier than aluminum foil, a Mazda RX-7 with the logo branding from 91-96 (or thereabouts), and a Bel Air, very similar to the one in @Bullitt photo above.

I saw a sharp looking BMW M4, in a bright metallic green.

Lots of classic German cars on Sunday!

Saw my first VW ID.4 in the wild yesterday.

Weird coincidence yesterday on the way to work. I pulled out of my side street onto the main highway. 6:30 AM-ish, just starting to get fully light out. There are a couple vehicles behind me, haven’t paid much attention. I turn off on the road that leads to the interstate, there is a traffic circle on the way and as I approach, there is an SUV that is there before me, thus having the right of way. I look at the front of it as it pulls into the circle and can’t identify it. I observe that it has a vaguely 80s look but is obviously a new vehicle. Still, totally unfamiliar to me. As it proceeds through the traffic circle I see the rear end and it is a Lincoln. Huh, I think… wasn’t sure Lincoln was still in business. Certainly never noticed this particular model before. (Wasn’t a Navigator, more like Ford Explorer). I pulled out behind it and as I did just happened to look in the rear view mirror and there was an exact same model, in a different color, right behind me.
IDK, seemed like a weird coincidence to me in the moment.

And now my first VW Taos in the wild.

I saw a VW I couldn’t identify this morning, I wonder if it was a Taos?

I’m guessing you saw either a new Lincoln Corsair or Aviator. Lincoln has a few luxury SUVs smaller than the Navigator now.

Likely either an Aviator or an MKT, both of which use the same platform as the Explorer.

I saw a brand new car today. No shit! It was brand new and had like 4 or 5 fellow new cars near it interspersed with some gently used vehicles. Weird!

A 3rd generation (1958-60) Lincoln Continental. What an amazing looking car!

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Google Photos

Also, in the same vintage car shop, a Mustang Fastback, maybe a '68?

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Today was a big day for 1960s convertibles. The last one was a mid-60s Ford Galaxie in green. The first was a Plymouth Fury, also of mid-60s vintage. The middle one was too far away and I only saw for a few seconds, but I’m guessing it was a Chevy based on the grill.

I saw a 1958 Chevy Impala today. I would have liked to take a picture, but there was a truck next to that made it hard to get a good angle, and when I went back later the Chevy was gone. But I did take pictures of the exact same car several years ago (I can tell by the personalized plates). So here’s the car I saw today from back in 2018.


An all black Camaro stopped at a light. Not sure if an authentic first generation or the modern imitation of the first gen, light changed before I could get a look at the front. Tailights could’ve been either '69 or the modern ones.

Several Harleys at a cemetery. Honoring one of their fallen.

I’ve seen it around the neighborhood before, but the local Land Rover Defender went by me while I was on a biking, and it’s a right hand drive. I’m guessing it’s a very early model, or possibly a Series III. I’ll look closer next time I see it.