What's the Most Recent R-rated Movie You've Seen?

(Inspired by thread about people’s first R-rated film, and the realization that I haven’t seen one in a long time.)

Me, Myself, and Irene

Good question. In theaters, it would be Deadpool 2, I think – I tend not to go to the movies unless it’s my wife wanting to see the latest superhero or Star Wars flick (which tend to be PG13)

Probably, almost certainly, seen something more recently on streaming but I couldn’t tell you what.

In theaters… Rocket Man

I stopped seeing movies in the theater over ten years ago, but I watch a lot of streaming movies. I do not, however, even think about the MPAA rating. No idea what I watch is G, PG-13, or R.

I had to call up a list, because I don’t notice the ratings much anymore. Turns out it was the new “A Star is Born.” I don’t recall anything in the movie that would justify an R rating, maybe some nakedness. Also seen relatively recently, Deadpool I and II, and Mary Queen of Scots.

ETA: I had no idea Rocket Man was R. So, that’s my new answer.

Bohemian Rhapsody

In a theater, Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.

At home, My Cousin Vinny. I’d only seen bits and pieces of it before and finally watched it beginning to end.

Theatre: Alita: Battle Angle
Home: John Wick and John Wick 2 a month back or so; I still haven’t seen 3 yet. :slight_smile:

The Big Short

This is my corrected answer. Forgot I saw it.

**Wheelman **on Netflix. An OK movie, but not amazing. I saw The Perfection before that(also on Netflix) and it was more interesting.

Alita Battle Angel was PG-13.

That was the R-rated movie I’ve seen most recently.

If the OP was asking about the most recently released R-rated movie I’ve seen, I believe it was Deadpool 2.

Deadpool II at home. I don’t know what the last Rated R movie I saw in the theater was.

By either release date or when I saw it, my answer would be Deadpool 2.

More recently, I saw two hours worth of Bohemian Rhapsody, but that was the first 40 minutes three times, so that probably doesn’t count (and also didn’t include any content that would warrant an R).

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Bohemian Rhapsody was PG-13.

Most recent at home: It
Most recent in a theatre: Mad Max: Fury Road

I believe it was the new Blade Runner. Was a pretty decent movie.

I don’t watch movies all that often, and the last couple I watched definitely weren’t R rated. I’m guessing the last R rated move I watched might have been The Shape of Water, which I re-watched on video last Christmas because my parents wanted to watch it.

I go to the theater even less often, and most of the time when I do it’s for stuff like Star Wars movies where the special effects make the big screen worthwhile. I think the last R rated film I saw in a theater might have been Lady Bird, which I saw at the Tower Theater in Sacramento, mostly for the fun of watching a movie set in Sacramento at a landmark that briefly appeared in the movie.

Coincidentally both movies I mentioned were 2017 Oscar nominees.

You know, when I decide whether or not to see a movie, the rating never crosses my mind. Looking thru the thread, I saw OUATIH last weekend, so that would be it.

Couldn’t have told you the rating before reading the thread.

Shaft (2000), a few weeks ago.

Oh, shut up.