What's the name of that X-Files...

…where Mulder and Scully are in that small town and are investigating a vampire. The story is told from both points of view and Mulder comes across real dopey in Scully’s version. Also what season was it in?

Bad Blood

from Season 5

Ah, I knew I wouldn’thave to wait long for an answer. Unfortunately I DO have to wait for season 5 of X-Files on DVD. Soon though…very soon. Thanks Trion.

That’s a great episode. I love that after Scully completes that bloody, gory autopsy she immediately orders a pizza when she gets back to her hotel room. Heee. Ah, the good old days of my favorite show ever.

With a recurring riff on the size of Luke Wilson’s chipmunk cheeks.

" I was drugged!"

Only a month til season five comes out now…whoo hoo!

I thought it was his buck teeth, or lack thereof?

That’s my favorite episode ever. Even from the very beginning it’s just perfect.

It opens with a kid running through woods screaming for help as he is chased by a mysterious dark figure in a trench coat. After the kid is tackled, we realize dark figure is Moulder, but he stabs the kid in the chest with a wooden stake! What the!?

Scully runs up. Moulder parts the kid’s lips to show a set of fangs and says “Huh? Huh? See, I told you so” Scully bends down, taps on the teeth, and removes them - revealing them to be cheap magic shop novelties.

Moulder: “Oh, shi-” cue music


I love that episode, too. I always describe it as the “He Said, She Said” episode.

I love Scully, on the bed. “Another autopsy?! But I want the Magic Fingers! And a pizza’s coming!” Cut to Mulder on the bed, with a pile of quarters next to the magic fingers pay slot, eating her pizza.

Glad to help. 'Twas a good episode.