What's the nastiest thing you could find in a ball pool?

Aside from maybe crocodiles, cockroaches, snakes or spiders, what’s the nastiest and possibly even the grossest thing you could find amonst the balls in a ball pool at a soft play area? :cool:

your best friend’s head.

Yikes. :eek::eek:


If it was still attached to your best friend, that might not be nasty at all, therefore, I suggest:

Your best friend’s head, three months after they buried his headless body.

Okaaay, somebody’s not invited to Little Jimmy’s next birthday party.

I’d say for more common finds a general dead animal - squirrel, bird, etc. Well advanced in decomposition.

Half of your best friend’s head.

With poop in it.

Spooge. That would be pretty nasty.

Are we talking theoretically as in trying to horrify each other, or are we talking realistically, like what your child is likely to encounter?

For the second, I’d think a lot of mucus, probably some feces, and probably assorted half-eaten food that would gradually work its way to the top or bottom.

Came in to say this exact thing. Spooge wins out as probably the nastiest thing in my mind. Poop? Hell, I half expect there to be some sort of fecal bacteria/material in those things. But if a kid came up wearing a schmear of jism? I don’t know what I’d do.

A bit of both. :wink:

Body parts.

The discarded remains of a child’s innocence.

Or poop.

The assistant manager. :frowning:

A used condom, surely.

A child who died of the Marburg virus, two days earlier, but who’d escaped notice because examination revealed they’d been cordectomied and handcuffed to cinder blocks dropped at the bottom of the pit?


Justin Bieber.

Nah, just kidding. I think it would be the little kid who tagged along with his older brother to a big birthday party last week and no one noticed he didn’t leave because his divorced parents each thought the other one had him and the brother was just glad not to have to share the bedroom for a few nights.

A discarded disposable nappy (diaper) that’s become fly-blown.

Yer’ welcome! :smiley:

With a couple of balls in it?

Used pad or tampon.

Dirty needle.

Ball pits gross me out. Who knows what’s under there?