What's the one place you've been to that no other Doper has visited?

Inspired by this thread, which was in turn inspired by another thread. We have a theme going now, I guess.

I’ll start: any other Dopers ever been to Nuweiba’, Sinai, Egypt?

Concordia, Missouri is about the best I can come up with. But that’s because there’s no reason to go. Not sure if that’s in the spirit of the OP or not.

OK, I’ll try again. The Midway Islands. I’d be interested in swapping stories w/ anyone who’s been there, pretty neat place.

Actually, yes. However, when I was there it was Nuweiba’, Sinai, Israel. :slight_smile:

We spent a week traveling by bus, first down the East coast of the peninsula, all the way to Ras Muhammad, then up the West coast to just North of El Tur (I guess), then cut inland to climb Mt. Sinai, before heading back up to Eilat, from where we had started.

Does it count if I’ve driven through Concordia, Missouri numerous times, on my way between St. Louis and Kansas City, even though I didn’t stop?

I like this idea (I ought to since I started those other threads mentioned in the OP) and I’m going to gamble that I’m the only Doper to have spent the night in the trail shelter on Mount LeConte in the Smokies. Mostly I’m just wanting to get a feel for how many others have done that – I’m almost positive I’m not alone.

If there’s another Doper to fit that category, how about the back-country site at the foot of Forney Ridge, about four miles downhill from the parking lot at Clingman’s Dome?

Nah. You haven’t really experienced Concordia unless you’ve spent time there. I had the “pleasure” of living there for two weeks once during an extended business trip. :slight_smile:

None of you have ever been in my kitchen. :smiley:

Mósfellsbær, Iceland (I could also throw in Ísafjörður and the Westman Islands as well, as those are also less common for tourists to visit.)

Okay, fine then. But I will be REALLY surprised if any other Dopers have been to fabulous Boboshevo, Bulgaria, pop. ~700. (They claim that the population is 2000. Yeah, maybe, if you include the goats.)

Has anyone here been to La Turbie, France?

What interesting thing is there.

My best shot is probably Española, an uninhabited island in the Galapagos archipelago. I doubt I’m the only doper who’s been there, though.

Itacare, Bahia, Brazil . Flippin’ awesome coast, Capoiera, and Caparinias.

To quote Kyla, Okay, fine then. :wink: I’ll take your word for the “pleasure” of it.

I cannot say that I have. But when you were in the Sinai, did you make it all the way down to Ras Muhammad? It is really spectacular – I highly recommend it.

Ok, I’ll give it a try. It’s not exactly an exotic locale, but has any other Doper been up to the castle remains at Ha Ha Tonka State Park?


Sadly, no. I was only in Sinai for the weekend and didn’t have much time, which I regretted once I finally got there and discovered how amazing it was.

The crater of Mount St Helens?

I think there’s a geologist Doper in that area, though, so I’m probably wrong.

Let’s try these…
[li]Pifo, Ecuador, home of the world’s first missionary radio station[/li][li]Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa[/li][li]The British Film Institute National Archives in Berkhamsted, UK[/li][li]Maho Bay Eco-resort, St. John, US Virgin Islands[/li][li]Skywalker Ranch, Marin County, CA[/li][/ul]

Gitmo? Or Cuba, surely we’ve got someone who’s been to Cuba?

I’ll give it a try…

My mom’s relatives live in a small town in East TN called Tracy City. It’s in the mountains and really scenic, but there’s not a whole lot going on.