What's the pink . . .

. . . in pink lemonade?

Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point.

Cherry juice, properly. Red Dye #42 most likely.

This site says cranberry juice.

I believe that the traditional ingredient is grape juice.

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I haven’t a clue, but just to keep the spirit of the thread alive, I’ll say stawberry. Or watermelon.

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I’ll bite. Pomegranate.

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I was for sure you were gonna say umbrella.

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I think it originally was the juice from maraschino cherries.


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Lemme change mine - human blood

Thufferin, You got my vote, it’s merethceno cherrieth.Sonic serves lemonade with a cherry in it.And I can remember back when i was lad seeing the huge glass urns (? those things got a name, I can remember way back but not that) with cherries floating in them. BUT. Whats the red in Marascino cherries?

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The supposed origin of pink lemonade was when a circus concession stand operator ran out of regular lemonade on a hot day and quickly grabbed a nearby pail of water to make a new batch. He added the lemons and sugar before realizing a performer had been using the pail of water to soak a pair of red tights. The resulting lemonade was pink from the dye. Rather than throw it out, he simply began selling it as “cherry” lemonade. So if anyone offers you a class of “original recipe” pink lemonade, you may want to decline.

I’ve seen it made from grenadine and regular lemonade.

Cherry skin

Its people! Marachino Cherries are made from people!
Sorry, couldn’t resist.


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Marachino Cherries for the people…

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My Country Time Pink Lemonade lists the below items as its last three ingredients.

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You sure it isn’t girl babies?


Someone (Snapple?) uses red cabbage.

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Heard a rumor once that the red dye in Maraschino [sp?] cherries is extracted from some sort of beetle. Anyone have the Straight Dope on that?

I bet this is what you’re referring to:

Is some candy coated with beetle juice?

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