What's the ratio of sunrises you've seen from the "right" way around vs the "wrong" way

Waking up before the sun rises counts as seeing the sunrise the “right” way, staying up so late that the sun comes up again is the “wrong” way. For the purposes of this poll, it doesn’t matter if you physically see the sunrise or not, just that you’re actually awake when it happens.

What’s your personal ratio of “right” sunrises vs “wrong” sunrises?

Personally, I’m a pretty extreme night owl. Pretty much the only time I ever see a sunrise the right way is if I’m catching an early morning flight. Otherwise, I do my best to not have to get up before 10am (working in tech makes this surprisingly feasible)

I worked night shifts for years. My ratio of seeing sunrises the “wrong” way is much higher than 10:1.

My shift switches between days and nights.

When I am on days I awaken before sunrise. When I am on nights I am still awake as the sun comes up. So pretty much 50:50 for me.

I’m a night owl and tend to get wrapped up in things in the wee hours, sometimes until dawn.

However, I do store/haul equipment and materials for events that sometimes require a very early start on preparations. Even if I load the truck the previous night, I may have to head out before the sun is up to get to the site early enough. These occasions remind me that I was insane to volunteer for the job.

I was too embarassed to post my insomniac answer … until I peeked and saw that Most Dopers (or at least most of the early-voting batch here) are as weird as I. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well look what time it is. The folks on the other side will not check in for some hours.

Night shift worker here. If I slept overnight, it’s because it was my day off, and nothing is getting me out of bed while it’s still dark out.

Impossible to answer for me given my erratic sleep cycles and tendency to sleep 2-3 times per 24 h when I’m working night shift. If I sleep 4 hours, then see the dawn and then sleep another 4 hours was that the right or the wrong way around? If I wake up at 9 pm and stay awake until dawn is that right or wrong? Where’s the cutoff point?

Living this far north gives it its own spin as well - dawn can be anywhere from 3:30 am to 9:30 am.

I might be doing it the ‘wrong way’ today. I hope not.

On the ‘bad side’: I pulled a handful of all-nighters in college, and one or two in recent years at work.

On the ‘good side’: I’m get up for work before sunrise about 10 months out of the year.

I checked the 5:1 (right way) option but it’s more like 3:2. I have to count the years I worked nights, plus there are times (for whatever reason) that I’m up “late enough” for sunrise. But 5:1 was the closest option for me.

I used to work by the shore and seeing the sun rise over the sea during a night shift was always good.

I frequently see sunrises the “right” way from getting up before dawn to go birding (and also to catch morning flights). I used to see them the “wrong” way from all-nighters or parties when I was in my twenties but hardly ever now.

I worked 3rd shift as a security guard for about a year. Other than that, I have seen sunrise from the right side my entire adult life. I’m 62. So I voted for the first option.

I consider myself a morning person. Before I started working from home I’d get up at 5:30 but now I sleep in until 6:30. But at my latitude sunrise is earlier than 6:30 from March 9th until September 26th so I’m not technically on the ‘right’ side of the sunrise. The last time I saw a sunrise from the wrong side was the last time I was at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2009.

I thought this was going to be about seeing the sun rise from different sides of the Equator, In the Southern Hemisphere, the sun rises and moves across the sky from right to left, i.e., the wrong way. I’ve got about three years of those.

As for the OP’s definition, I’m at the age where I need only about 5 hours sleep (not counting naps) so I go to bed at about 1:00 and usually up before sunrise. Thanks to Daylight Wasting Time, which takes away a hour of daylight in the morning, when it is so nice.

These days almost always the ‘right way’. For a couple of years, however, shift work caused me to see it the ‘wrong way’. I therefore chose 10:1 right way to make the adjustment for a lifetime average

I’m a night owl, but I almost never make it all the way to sunrise. Nowadays I sleep from about 1 or 2 until 9 or 10. Earlier in my life I was much more constrained to follow a “normal” schedule. However, I’ve always lived close to work or school and neither ever started too early, so my regular arising time even on a “normal” schedule has not usually been before 7:00.

But even at that, when one does that at the mid latitudes, sunrise is after 7 am for about two months of the year, so I’m sure I have a few thousand right way sunrises and perhaps a few tens of wrong way sunrises. So I’ll go with 100:1.

I see more the right way as defined here but now that I think about it I feel I see way more sunrises than I should. Possibly 3 days out of 7 and I don’t work early hours or anything like that.

I guess it depends upon your latitude. For months in the year I get up before sunrise. I pull all nighters about 3 or 4 times a year if I’m lucky.