Sunrise: are you more likeky to see it because you're awaking or because you're still awake?

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I’m an insomniac who works at home with some clients in time zones earlier than mine. So yeah, I’ve see the dawn more often as I go to sleep than when I wake.

I voted for the first option because I was getting up in the AM as that’s the closest possibility but I believe that sunrise is either a myth or it should be. Not much that happens at that hour is worth losing sleep over.

I voted for the first one…but mostly, I’d miss the sunrise altogether cause I’m still sleeping.

Yes, and yes.

I wake up before sunrise when I am on day shift. I stay up until sunrise when I’m on night shift. On days off there is no way I’m waking up that early or staying up that late so I miss sunrise.

Insomniac; voted ‘still up’.

During the school year, I’m up before dawn 6 days a week. No huhu.

Still up. I work at home, and can do my work any time I want. And there’s very little else in my life that has to be done at specific time. So I do my best work in the evening and all through the night. Lately I’ve been getting to bed within an hour or so of sunrise.

I have insomnia but it’s the kind where you wake up at 2 or 3 and can’t go back to sleep. I am always up for the sunrise in the summer, and often am the rest of the year.

Parent of small children and also a working professional with a daycare drop off before commuting to work. So… sunrise, baby!

In my flaiming youth, I believed that a sunrise was a lovely way to end an evening.

Now I’m an old fart, sleep a lot less, drink an AWFUL lot less, and my last job involved a 5:30 a.m. shift starting time.

Time is not our friend!

Work at night mostly, try to go to bed before sunrise sometimes the bod won’t cooperate


Depends on the time of the year a lot - dawn is at 3-4am in the summer and 8-9am in the winter. In summer I see the dawn when I’m working, during winter I’m usually asleep by the time sun gets up. Often in December - January there can be 3-4 week periods I don’t see the sun at all. Last winter I think Christmas Eve or Day was the only day in December I saw any sun, for example.

Stuff like whether I wake up before or after dawn slowly loses meaning when you do eternal night shifts and often stop sleeping in one block. If I sleep 11pm-2am and then 7am-1pm, did I stay up to see the dawn or wake up to see it? If the 3 hours counts as a nap then its the former, otherwise it is the latter I guess.

I stay up to let the chickens out at dawn. This sucks during these 90-degree days because my sleeping quarters are not air conditioned.

My sleep schedule has been extremely garfed up lately. Both are equally likely.

This, but subtract the drinking and add a damnable cat that thinks 5:30 is a spiffy time for me to wake up. Stupid cat.

There is no snooze button on a hungry cat.

I voted ‘still up’, but I work 12 hour shifts, so I’m either at work, going to work, or recently back from work, depending upon the time of year.

Is this just a convoluted way to ask if we work nights?

It’s winter where I am, so the sun rises quite late in the morning. I get up early enough to see the sunrise during this season. In summer it’s less likely. Like most of the world, I’m guessing.

When I was young and fun, I saw it because I was still up from the night before.

Now that I’m an old bag it’s because I’m getting up in the AM for work.