What's the Straight Dope on cancelling subscriptions

After recently re-subscribing to the SDMB, I have become frustrated by the number of times the site is unavailable. That issue is being discussed in several threads elsewhere so there’s no need to comment on it here, but my purpose of this thread is to ask the following:

If I would like to cancel my subscription based on the poor level of service provided, do I get a pro-rata refund of my subscription fee? And what is the process for achieving this?


IANAM, but IIRC this has been discussed in the past, and the answer is that no refunds are given, for any reason.

You may want to take this up with an Admin via PM or e-mail rather than out here in public, though.

I don’t think that is the purpose here.

It says in the rules, no refunds.


Could you advise where in the rules that is stated? I am genuinely asking, as I had a look there before I posted and didn’t see anything about ‘no refunds’.

Edit - Huh? There was a message from TubDiva here just moments ago! :confused:

There is one now. :slight_smile:

Thought we had something on this in the rules but we don’t except to mention that we do not refund subscriptions for banned members.

I will refer this matter upstairs, it’s a management thing.

Thank you TubaDiva, feel free to contact me via email rather than posting here, if you would prefer.

Actually I would, thanks.