What's the temperature where you are?

It’s a balmy 8 degrees on my beautiful snow covered deck. Fierce wind blowing. I usually don’t resort to wind-chill factors but it’s supposed to feel like -30. Yeah that’s 30 below. Better bring in the brass monkeys tonight.

So how is it where you are?

30 below… is that Celsius or Fahrenheit? It is about 46 Fahrenheit here in Dallas.

According to weather.com, it’s only about -7 f (including wind chill). Downright balmy compared to what it’s been the last few days.

Zero. Practically water-skiin’ weather.

72 is the high is mesa AZ.
Lucky me to be here.

-2F with a -34F windchill, it’'s supposed to get down to-26F tonight ::brrr::


I wish you guys would all post in celsius too!

I checked the todays weather in Edmonton, and converted it to Farenheit. Take your pick.

-18.0 celsius = -0.399999999997 farenheit

At 1730 on 22 Dec 2000, it was 19F/-7C in windy Rockville, Maryland.

Weatherbug says it’s minus 3 (Fahrenheit). Not sure what it is with the wind chill.

Poor Boomer, trying to pee in two feet of snow. He was trying to lift his leg high enough to keep his little unit out of the snow, and he fell right over.

We have plenty of sidewalk space cleared off, but he won’t go there. Good dog.

It was 40 degrees C here on Thursday. That’s around 104 F.

It’s about 49F here in southern california, at least it was the last time I checked. It doesn’t really get too cold unless I sit about with the window open doing nothing. Aren’t I lucky?


25F at close to 7PM here, going down to about 12F overnight.
It’s been in the low teens every night for a week, with some snow, and the other morning it was 10F.

BTW, this is in Alabama. The South my ass! I could have stayed up north for this.

51F at time of post! brrrrrrrrrrr, yes I have a blanket on.

Originally posted by adam yax

Just had to acknowledge that.

-15.4 °C


it’s hot here. Just got out of the pool. Might need to get back in the pool soon. Temps are supposed to stay up in the late 30’s to early 40’s until the middle of the week. And no I can’t do the conversion. My brain boiled.

The temp here is somewhere between freaking cold and goddamn freaking cold.

-10°F, which I think is technically considered “fucking cold”

It is +7F here in balmy SE Iowa.

It was -11 this morn.

I heard part of the weather report just now and he said something about chances of it getting to -20 on tuesday.

WOW what a winter this is turning out to be.

How would you like to try to survive this in a teepee.

Oh I forgot it is supposed to snow some more.

justwannano - we have new respect for our foremothers and fathers, don’t we?

I could never imagine why someone would take a pan full of hot coals to bed with them.