What's the title of your autobiography, and the epitaph on your tombstone, gonna be?

If they’re the same, state as such. Otherwise, two phrases should do nicely. :slight_smile:
The Autobiography of Chastain86

Line Up For Your Pitting. This Could Take Awhile.
Here Lies Chastain86

You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello.

Back when I was teaching, a student wrote the following on an end-of-term evaluation of me:

She drinks a lot of Diet Coke, and sometimes her jokes are really weird.

Change “Diet Coke” to “Diet Dr Pepper” and change it to past tense, and I think it’s a dandy epitaph.

“Here lies Crayons… Meh…”

If you know what you’re doing, it’s not an adventure.

Autobiography: I Was, Therefore I Am

Tombstone epitaph: A Grave Mistake (I plan on cremation)

Autobiagraphy: “Nothing to see here - four hundred pages of nothing”

Epitaph: I told you I was sick. (i’m sure I read that somewhere)

Gnat Polishing for Fun and Profit

“Hey, Stupid - you’re standing on my crotch!”

Autobiography: Everything In Moderation

Epitaph: *Too young to die, too Jewish to be born again. * ;j

Autobiography: Will SOMEBODY please come and pick up the remains!!?

Epitaph: Who the F**k?

Autobiography: I should do this more often.
Epitaph: Tried to Shit, Only Farted

Autobiography: Breaking Through the Shell: a life’s journey

Epitaph: I’m not sure.

With all due respect, shouldn’t that be Coldfire’s bio title?


How the Hell Did that Happen?


He has a life, and it killed him.

Autobiography: Just Shut Up and Do It, OK?

Tombstone: Here lies Nametag – no longer what he was

Autobiography: “She Can’t be Serious…Can She?”

Carving on the tree that will be placed on my ashes: “Gimme my prize…I’m outta here”

Gravestone: Hey, you, someday you’re gonna be dead an in a grave just like me. Probably sooner than you think too. Pleasant dreams.

Autobiography: Exhausted, or One Woman’s Victory over Chronic Disease

Epitaph: Overoptimistic much?

Autobiography : “Insert Obscure But Witty Movie Reference Here”

Epitaph :


Starring : CandidGamera

A Yahweh Production

Autobiography: Obsessing over minutia (Now with 30% more minutia!)

Epitaph: You mean that’s it?

Autobiography: “Mastering the Art of Boredome”

Tombstone: “Yeah, but you see the other guy…”