Whats the url for the chrome home screen?

I installed something and clicked thru without paying attention and it changed my home screen when i launch chrome. I know where in settings to change my home screen but I dont know the URL. Currently I set it back to www.google.com. But previously it wasnt a webpage it was chrome with icons for google play, gmail, drive, chrome apps etc.

Anyone know the address I need to set my home page to bring that back?

In my Chrome settings page, under the “On start-up” heading there are three options, one of which is “Open the New Tab page”.

If that doesn’t work for you, the URL for that page on my install is “https://www.google.co.za/_/chrome/newtab”. But presumably it’ll be “.com” rather than “.co.za” if you’re in the US.

Are you sure it was a page? There is a Chrome option for a home page that is the Google search plus 8 icons of your most commonly used URLs. That’s not a URL, it’s an internal screen.

Both right, it’s not a URL, it’s part of Chrome Settings.

Is there a way to make Chrome NOT do that? I’d prefer those icons not show up like that.

The internal URL Chrome uses to refer to that is:


If you don’t want to see that page when you start the browser, just set the home page to something else.

If you don’t want to see when you open a new tab, use this workaround:

If you want something else altogether when you open a new tab, look through the Chrome Extensions website.

If you want it to just load a blank page when you make a new tab, use this particular extension.

Reply: I’ve been looking for a way to make the new tab page about:blank for years. Thank you!

ETA: It’s so beautiful. sniffle