What's the vacation schedule?

I was just wondering, what’s the policy here for SDMB Members to take vacation? I mean, school’s gettin’ out soon, college’s shuttin’ down, we’ve got Easter coming around the corner, wedding season.

What happens if all of us go on vacation at once and only like, Anthracite and oldscratch are left to deal with all of the nuttiness that ensues?

People are joining at the rate of roughly 60,000 per day (if my math is correct) and if all of the regs take off for Nantucket we’ll come back to fifty threads about -gry and jumbo shrimp.

I’m going out of town from June 9-12 and also a week in July for some concerts.

Anyone else want to put in for their vacation time?


I’m takin’ off for Hawaii, May 20-30.

I’ll be on vacation the first week of April. Not going anywhere, though, so I’ll probably be wasting my time online a lot.

Okay, that is IT!

Will SOMEONE, for once and for all, fill me in on the -gry word thing? I have asked and asked, and…



[sub]and I apologize for the hijack[/sub]

Well, the wife and I are taking 2 weeks off starting April 30th. For the first week or so, we are going to the Okanagan valley in British Columbia (Penticton and Kelowna) to hit some vinyards and hopefully catch some sun. We are then going to go to Jasper for a day or two. Then Edmonton for a couple of days to visit and see the folks, than finally home.

In October, it looks like I will be going to Belize to investigate a possible move and change of carrer to there.

Okay, well I appreciate your help, mrblue92.

You ARE a gentleman and a scholar.

But… it isn’t in my official Scrabble dictionary.

So what is up with THAT?

[sub]waits for the wrath of Cecil to descend upon her hapless head[/sub]



You mean…people take vacations? Like, they go places and stuff? For fun? They…have lives?


extended memorial day weekend to see hua mei, bai yun, and shi shi in san diego and an old friend in la. have ibook, will travel.

persephone, you’re not going to give your kidlets something to talk about in therapy, if you don’t take loooong driving vacations to the badlands or yellowstone. i thought this type of thing was mandatory.

Yeah, Persephone, I know exactly what you mean…

We had hoped to do our first-ever blue-water cruise and cross from West Palm to West End. However, lack of time, lack of funds, and lack of confidence in hubby’s employer’s longevity means this will likely be delayed. I was cheated out of a vacation last year because of our relocation. Sometimes life is so unfair…

I’ll be taking Skirmie to Disney World 23-29 May.
He would say I’m finally taking him to Disney World.

As my sig shows, I’m headin’ down to N’awlins with a girlfriend over Easter weekend.

Heading up to the UP to sit by Little Manistique Lake with some friends and cook hot dogs over the fire July 4-7.

Planning on either taking a cruise or going to Costa Rica in December or January with the hubby, N’awlins girlfriend and her hubby. We’re all celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversaries this year.

Miscellaneous road trips for/with hubby, who cannot stand to stay home on the weekends. Going to drive up the Canadian coast of Lake Huron in May.

Gee, can you tell we don’t have kids?