What's the wallpaper on your digital devices?

Home computer - Death Star trench run

Work computer - Tron light cycles

Phone - My 14 year old beagle, Ginger, wants some popcorn

Tablet - A cool cosmic space/time digital thing

Phone is my cat

Home puter is just black.

Work puter is stupid corporate crap that came with the image.

Home and work desktop machines - original XP Azul wallpaper

Phone - HTC Middle Earth (my name for it) wallpaper

Tablet - Starfleet LCARS wallpaper

Interesting. That’s one of my watch faces.

Cats, cats and more cats.

Work: I change it every week, usually something thematic to amuse students (e.g.).

Home: My lovely wife.

Phone: Cats.

Ipad: Penguins.

My laptop has a picture of a cloudy sky at sunset that my son took when he was about 8 years old or so.

My phone has a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge that I took as we sailed beneath it on e cruise a couple years ago.

Phone - a picture of my dog George
Tablet - a different picture of my dog George
Laptop - a picture of my son playing fiddle, from behind with his very long hair and a very cool design on the back of his shirt, the picture has be stylized to look like a painting.

My phone just has some generic green design. Anything else just interferes and distracts me.

My PC changes regularly, I usually make them myself with image I like, which I convert to the right aspect ratio and resolution. It currently is a carousel of over a hundred images featuring pretty celebrities, mostly pro photoshoots but wearing casual clothing, very little implied nudey stuff. Here are some safe-for-work samples.

On my laptop i have a family potrait and on my phone i have a snapshot of my grandson taken at his birthday party last year for the lock screen and a snapshot of my grand daughter on the main screen

Work computers: standard Windows logo.
Phone: default Firefox BG.
Home computer: monochrome black (and no desktop icons either – I use a tiling WM).

For some reason, that wallpaper thing has lost its novelty for me long ago.

I cycle through a set of pictures from the Juno mission. Currentlythis oneon all screens

Home and work computers - pictures of my granddaughter, because that’s what grandmothers do.

Cheapie flip phone - a fire in our pellet stove - I was trying out the camera when I bought the phone.

Tablet - whatever the default was - I never changed it.

Here at work, my wallpaper is a pic of the house on Anna Maria Island where we vacation each year.

Eight and a half weeks away, but who’s counting? :wink:

My default wallpaper for everything is a pic I took of a mount of personal significance.

One thing that bothered me about using it everywhere is that my e-reader falls back to it and keeps it there as it hibernates/turns off. So it took a while to get used to seeing something like this on a screen for a device that is “off”. E-ink is da bomb.

My phone keeps wanting to rotate the background depending on phone orientation. No! If I gen’ed an image of exactly right size to fit the background, why are you rotating it???

Phone - Dark purplish lake sunset. Enough for some color pop, but dark enough so white icon lettering is clearly visible.

Tablet - Spashy stock colors that differentiate users.

Computer - Solid black

Phones - whatever the default is
iPads - whatever the default is
Computers -apparently, what is called “solid gray pro ultra dark.” Basically, just a solid, dark gray. I do a lot of photo editing, so I don’t want anything distracting in the background.

I used to change wallpapers and lock screens, but now I mainly stick with the defaults. My laptop though is showing the global cloud density map that made the rounds a few years back: http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2015/05/12/4233502.htm

That might just be windows 10 now remembering settings on my microsoft account though.

Home is this Chicago skyline image
Phone is some stock “black with a dark blue wave” image
Work is default Win7 wallpaper.

Phone is a picture of my kids from this past winter. I need to get a new one, I know.

Home computer is a rotating slide show of snowflakes. Yes, it’s June. I love snowflakes and won’t be changing that one any time soon.

Work computer is a rotating slide show of various waterfalls.