What's the worst situation you could be upfront and personal about something?

Needed the day off to go get treated? :confused: Haven’t they heard of RID shampoo? It’s OTC. You can treat yourself at home in a spare half-hour.

Beats me, it was twenty years ago.

If I had crabs, I’d just tell the boss I needed to take the day off. I can’t imagine the kind of duress needed for me to reveal the reason. And to my boss, of all people.

Maybe it’s a guy thing?

Seemingly, everyone else in the thread understands the question to mean, “What is the worst personal problem you can imagine someone else having, about which you would be willing to be upfront about with them?”

As everyone else apparently understands this, the problem must lie with our own reading comprehension skills.

No, one person guessed that’s the meaning, and everyone else is going along because its an interesting topic…

I am actually slightly more interested in the topic of “WTF exactly did the OP mean with his weirdly-constructed sentence?”