What's the worst thing a coworker did to you?

Kellibelli’s post got me thinking. I used to be optimistic about coworkers, but since the following incident happened I’m always on the lookout for those people who want to climb up the corporate ladder by using your dead body as a prop. What other coworker horror stories do you have?

I was working in a small software company. I was doing GREAT the first 6 months or so - 2 raises, and a promotion. About 3 months into the job, I interviewed and made a recomendation to hire the individual hereto referred to as “Mr. F. Dickhead.”

Mr. Dickhead seemed fine at first. He was offered and accepted a Very Large Project that required him to work many many hours of overtime. The whole office was pretty much incredibly busy at the time - we were all really stressed. I had just finished another project, and the owner of the company and my boss decided that I would help Mr. Dickhead with his project. Mr. Dickhead was opposed to this idea from the first, and told the two higher ups this. Nevertheless, they told him that he had to work with me.

The project involved a technology I was not familiar with. In the next few months, Mr. Dickhead proceeded to give me incorrect information about the work to be performed. I finally started writing down everything he told me because I was sick and tired of doing something then having him tell me it was wrong. Sure enough, I found that he was telling me the wrong things. He then started complaining to people that I didn’t know what I was doing. Uh Duh! I told everyone when I was put on the project that it was not my strong point, and I’d have a lot of learning to do (not to mention that being given incorrect information makes it damn hard to do a good job).

Then Mr. Dickhead starts going around to anybody who will listen and telling them how shitty a worker I was. My direct boss knew what was going on, and defended me to the best of his ability. However, Mr. Dickhead did manage to undermine the owner’s confidence in me, all the while sucking up and being a “yes” man to the owners. Eventually, Mr. Owner went on a firing spree. When my direct boss was fired, they got rid of me, too (as well as 4 other people). To this day I believe that if it hadn’t been for Mr. Dickhead, I would still have that job.

However, it turns out I didn’t want the job, anyway. As they say, living well is the best revenge. The Very Large Project turned out to be a piece of shit because Mr. Dickhead screwed it all up. After leaving that company, I found another job at a much better company, where I’m in charge of a very important project. Not to mention I’m making more $$ and have better benefits than the other job would have ever given me. Rumor has it that it’s a sweat shop now - I’ve had several headhunters tell me that more than one recruit has told them never to send their resume to that company.

So any other coworker horror stories? Maybe you’ve worked with Mr. Dickhead, too.

Before I left for vacation once, I had a co-worker tell me she hoped my plane would crash.

She was a psycho.

God, I miss her.

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One time, a co-worker of mine stole some computers during a move to a new building. Then tried to implcate everyone else when she was going to lose her job.

Luckily none but the guilty lost their jobs.

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I worked with a guy who was very charming at first, but would get snipier and more weaselly as time went on (particularly towards me). Anyhow, it was a sales job and we worked off commission, and he would pull thngs like ringing up my sales as his own when I was on lunch and a customer I’d been working with an hour ago would come back in. He also would screw with my head about the proper protocol for who got which sales so he would get more sales and I would get in trouble for not doing things “right”.

The worst bit was during a few days after I left. I wasn’t planning to be back at all, but I happened to be in the area so I stopped by to say hi. I looked at the books where we kept our records of sales, and found he had gotten the white-out, altered my figures and added them to his own. Weasel! That affects our commission (I was still waiting to be paid for that), so it was like he took the money out of my pocket and put it in his own.

I got the numbers changed back, but I had fantasies about sneering at him and saying, “if you needed the money enough to sneak around, here, take it,” and flinging the commission at him. Working for commission sucks—brings out the worst in people if they’re competeing directly.

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I got the most royal ass-fucking of my life once. It was devastating.

Worked for a skanky company that ran ads for credit repair on the radio. We took the calls and sold the service.

The entire management team was male, a hard core boy’s club. the company was in Orange County, very white, very…you know.

My “team leader” as the first step of manager was called, was a very hip, funny guy that I immeediately hit it off with. We totally clicked, and became good friends. He supposedly was supporting my push to get into management. Towards that end, he put me in charge one week when he had to be away. I went to management meetings, interacted with the bosses, and did an excellent job of presenting myself as management material.

The sales manager, Charles, was a serious, serious asshole. Not only was that really creepy kind of saleguy personality, he was also stupid. I am not. This disparity became very evident in meetings, and it was obvious that he was VERY threatened.

I busted my ass that week, bending in directions I don’t go in order to impress. I did, too.

Well, my “friend” comes back and tells me that some of our team didn’t like me - the only other woman on the team, in particular. She was telling outrageous lies and distortions to undermine me, but Larry (my friend) told me he didn’t buy a word. I was in, he supported me. I was called into the BIG bosses office and told the same thing. The Big Boss told me how much he liked me and wanted to move me up. He also told me Charles was on the way out, which was GREAT news. I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, but of course I told Larry…we were good friends and on the same side!

Well, Larry instantly went back to the big boss and told him I had spilled about Charles, and went on to tell him all the shit that the bitch was talking about me. I was fired. And I was stunned. Larry completely manipulated me and used me to get in good with the boss. He completely screwed me over. I was devastated.

Now I work for myself.

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