What's the worst thing you ever told your father?

I was very quiet and respectful, but one day, when I was twelve or thirteen, I asked my sister at breakfast, "Would you like a hard-boiled egg – like father? She got the meaning, as did he and he was pretty pissed.

“I’m pregnant”. I really don’t think he liked that one.

My dad didn’t care for that one either.

“I crashed the car.”

Not so much that I crashed the car…so much as it was the second time in two weeks :eek:

Telling him my girlfriend (now wife) was pregant wasn’t fun.

Giving him the phone and saying “Its the cops, they need to talk to you about me” didn’t go over that well.

There are a ton of things I had to tell him when I was between 17-19 years old, drugs, car crashes, various other mishaps. I give him credit, he never killed me, and helped me turn into a pretty descent person.

“What’s the big deal about tattoos? I’ve got a tattoo, big deal! They’re not just for rebels or scumbags anymore…”

Apparently, my Da did not agree, as I was given “the treatment” for at least a month.

For me it was having to tell my dad that I was about to lose my driver’s license due to getting too many speeding tickets. I guess I wasn’t as bad off as the others who have posted here so far.

“I stole a golf cart from the club house (country club we used to live in) and sunk it in one of the water hazards, and now they want you to pay $900 for it…”

The worst thing …well, it was said by my sister after we found out that my father took another woman (other than my mother) out to dinner in a romantic sense. She said:

“When I get married, you won’t walk me down the aisle because you don’t know what marriage is.”

That was a good 10 years ago and while my father became the great husband he is today (unfortunately, because he almost lost his family), my sister will not recant that.

How’s that for painful?


I must be unusually dense. I don’t get it.

“This guy asked me out…” I was in 9th grade. I was told that this is unacceptable, and that I was too young, and so I broke it off with the boy. As I found out, though, I wasn’t supposed to ever have boyfriends or friends, regardless of how old I was. I haven’t seen Dad in almost two years, and only spoke in monosyllables with him since I was sixteen, because he didn’t want to hear anything I had to say anyway.

When my dad was cheating on my mom, he used to call my mom from the floozies house.
I remember I heard my mom sobbing on the phone begging him to come home. I had gotten tired of hearing her cry and watching her crumble to pieces while my dad went about acting like a teenager.
So I picked up the phone and said
“If you don’t get your ass here in the next 5 minutes I’m going to disown you. I’m tired of this bullshit. I’m tired of you hurting mom. I hate you and what you are doing”

I was 16 at the time.
…and yes…he did come back home.

My worry is not what I had to tell him way back then, but something that I am going to have to tell him in the next few years:

[ul]"Dad, you can’t drive anymore[/ul]

That’s going to be a tough one. :frowning:

I’m pregnant and now my boyfriend won’t talk to me anymore.
(16 at the time)

After he’d told my disabled mother he’d give her a kicking - “Go away now or I’ll hurt you”

He didn’t. I did. Ain’t seen him since.

Wow, the pregnant thing seems to be quite a trend…

In that spirit, mine was
My husband’s a junkie, he’s out on bail but will be going away for 6mos minimum next month, and–oh yeah–I’m pregnant.

After that one, everything else seemed easy. :slight_smile:

Wow. I feel innocent.

I was the one who had to tell my father that his favorite grandson had cancer and was in stage four.

My sister had called before he got home. My mother had locked herself in the bathroom and he asked why deep sigh.

Seeing my father cry rips my heart out. :frowning:

im sorry, hardygrrl. that’s heavy.

mine is not as traumatic as that, although at the time…

uuummm, dad, i got fired from scout camp staff for doing drugs. will you come pick me up?


Man, I have said some pretty awful things to my Dad. My parents were separated before I was old enough to have any memories as a family together. I lived in SC all my life and he lived in VA. Last time I went to visit, we got into an arugument, as we always do and I said “You cant have me come visit you twice a year and expect that I am going to be the person you want me to be! You havent even raised me.”

That was pretty hateful. We are getting along a little better now. I am not a hateful person, but you have to understand, he would sometimes go months at a time without calling - but then again, I didnt call either. I still feel bad about saying it :frowning: